Glynn County property transfers involving a monetary exchange recorded the week of June 17 through June 21 by the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk of Courts:

Seller: Yung Sung

Buyer: John McSherry

Price: $190,000

Location: Hampton Plantation

Seller: Waterway Properties LLC

Buyer: Robert C Bryan Family Limited

Price: $337,800

Location: Island and Bus Center

Seller: Shaun Caldwell

Buyer: Hongtong Zheng

Price: $265,000

Location: Country Walk

Seller: Zhi Lin

Buyer: Juanita Bivins

Price: $170,000

Location: Bridgewater

Seller: David Marshall

Buyer: Terry Marshall

Price: $16,000

Location: Baumgartner Acres

Seller: Kenneth Love

Buyer: Neal Boatright

Price: $2,200

Location: Montipelier Tract

Seller: Lamar Smith Signature

Buyer: Sean Baker

Price: $199,300

Location: Covington Pointe

Seller: Amy Robinson

Buyer: Derek Samson

Price: $260,000

Location: Kingstowne

Seller: Tracey Anderson

Buyer: Brendon Kirkland

Price: $238,000

Location: Country Walk

Seller: SEGA Hotels LLC

Buyer: Dutt Muni & Mahavir LLC

Price: $2,677,600

Location: Days Inn Hotel

Seller: Vera Liles

Buyer: Christen Barrett

Price: $193,000

Location: Millcrest

Seller: Pallet Menders INC

Buyer: Christy Wilson

Price: $139,900

Location: Planting Hammock

Seller: Olivia Godley

Buyer: Quinnon Roberts

Price: $150,000

Location: Palmetto Estates

Seller: Delia Cate

Buyer: Erik Hartshorn

Price: $71,000

Location: Mark Carr Square

Seller: Ocean Vistas LLC

Buyer: Joseph Benoit

Price: $770,000

Location: Ocean Breeze

Seller: Bobby Troupe

Buyer: Kyle Jurgens

Price: $12,000

Location: Silver Bluff

Seller: Barbara Strickland

Buyer: Vikki Sims

Price: $198,000

Location: Somersby Pointe

Seller: Samuel Hambright

Buyer: Nichols Stevens

Price: $102,000

Location: Fairway Oaks

Seller: Secretary of Veterans

Buyer: Justin Loper

Price: $129,900

Location: Willow Creek

Seller: Equity Trust Co.

Buyer: Jacob Garrison

Price: $169,500

Location: Ocean Walk

Seller: 4M Properties LLC

Buyer: Susan Poznick

Price: $590,000

Location: Beach View

Seller: Anita Broadbent

Buyer: Ruthie Perkins

Price: $74,400

Location: Island Square

Seller: Stephen Vose

Buyer: KM Holdings LLC

Price: $285,000

Location: El Dorado

Seller: Joanne Sims

Buyer: Michael Attaway

Price: $2,500,000

Location: Hampton Point

Seller: Amy Seeks

Buyer: ASC Investment Holdings LLC

Price: $345,000

Location: Reserve at Demere

Seller: John Matthews

Buyer: Gordon Unit 304 LLC

Price: $365,000

Location: Shipwatch

Seller: Edward Mecchella

Buyer: William Watson

Price: $175,000

Location: Island Professional Park

Seller: Kimberly Whitaker

Buyer: Steven Meadors

Price: $140,500

Location: Sandalwood

Seller: Benjamin Bucy

Buyer: Cynthia Crymes

Price: $347,500

Location: Glynn Haven Estates

Seller: Zachry Veal

Buyer: Ryan Scates

Price: $835,000

Location: St. Simons Club

Seller: Benjamin Galland

Buyer: Lucas Williams

Price: $270,000

Location: Glynn Haven Estates

Seller: Arthone Drisdom Sr.

Buyer: Phillip Jones

Price: $7,500

Location: Washington Square

Seller: Stephanie Cobb

Buyer: John Hansen

Price: $462,700

Location: Kelvin Grove

Seller: Richard Cochran

Buyer: Jeffrey Strickland

Price: $295,000

Location: Cinder Hill

Seller: Michael Dunn

Buyer: John Shrophire

Price: $1,475,000

Location: Still Water

Seller: Lamar Smith Signature

Buyer: Joshua Stephens

Price: $195,000

Location: Covington Pointe

Seller: Kevin Fussell

Buyer: Kevin Chase

Price: $895,000

Location: Butler Mews

Seller: Alfred Vincent

Buyer: Trina Leggett

Price: $79,900

Location: Glynco Annex

Seller: Joe Milton

Buyer: Dennis Jones

Price: $138,900

Location: No. 1 Fairway

Seller: Jeffrey Shue

Buyer: Casey Withers

Price: $181,000

Location: Gascoigne

Seller: Genie Gowen

Buyer: William Sparks

Price: $140,000

Location: Old Town

Seller: Lynette McBride

Buyer: Aaron Holden

Price: $200,000

Location: Barnes Plantation

Seller: James Watson

Buyer: Doyle Watson

Price: $26,000

Location: Golden Isles Marina

Seller: AG AX LLC

Buyer: Luz Cardona

Price: $12,500

Location: Silver Bluff

Seller: Amy Stewart

Buyer: Wendi Ricks

Price: $1,000

Location: Ocean Walk

Seller: Nathan Rikansrud

Buyer: John Matthews

Price: $322,000

Location: Village Creek Way

Seller: Michael Razzano

Buyer: Jon Cannada

Price: $188,000

Location: Mallery Villas

Seller: Michael Faught

Buyer: Page Pate

Price: $520,000

Location: Bulter Mews Plantation

Seller: Matthew Jones

Buyer: Pallet Menders INC

Price: $5,000

Location: New Town

Seller: Joseph Proctor

Buyer: Larry Selph

Price: $161,300

Location: Tupelo Block

Seller: CVG Enterprises Inc

Buyer: Susan Walker

Price: $54,200

Location: Town Commons

Seller: Gregory Gratias

Buyer: Harvey Anderson

Price: $60,000

Location: Winter Chase

Seller: Louise Bartlett

Buyer: Benjamin Galland

Price: $340,000

Location: St. Clair Estates

Seller: Rolf Lundberg

Buyer: Russell Hoaster

Price: $640,000

Location: Sea Palms

Seller: John Hofmann

Buyer: Rolf Lundberg

Price: $399,000

Location: Sea Palms Golf

Seller: Yacht Club LLC

Buyer: Joanne Sims

Price: $380,000

Location: Yacht Club

Seller: Gloria Rowell

Buyer: Clyde Dallas

Price: $6,500

Location: Peninsula Park

Seller: Palmetto Building Group

Buyer: Stephens Sullens

Price: $505,000

Location: Tabby Place

Seller: Gregory Youra

Buyer: Matthew Jones

Price: $537,000

Location: Hampton Plantation

Seller: Benjamin Hutchinson

Buyer: William Barnes

Price: $160,000

Location: Bel Air Estates

Seller: Anne Alphonson

Buyer: Barbara Arcomano

Price: $600,000

Location: Hamilton Landing

Seller: Forethought Life Insurance

Buyer: Kathy Hubert

Price: $1,025,000

Location: East Beach

Seller: Robert Haase

Buyer: Bay Creek Investments LLC

Price: $33,000

Location: Dixie Hwy

Seller: Beverly Schumacher

Buyer: Erin Bryant

Price: $135,000

Location: Cypress Run

Seller: Shirley Barr

Buyer: Royer Property Investments

Price: $33,000

Location: New Town

Seller: Daniels Construction Co.

Buyer: Michael Bobbey

Price: $32,500

Location: Serenoa Cove

Seller: Maynad Yoder

Buyer: Charles Hull Concrete INC

Price: $170,000

Location: Touchstone South

Seller: Emily Dawson

Buyer: Michael Thomas

Price: $162,000

Location: Buckmeadow Plantation

Seller: David Knox

Buyer: Jermy Ayala

Price: $105,000

Location: Knox AC Tract

Leasor: South Georgia 82 LLC

Leasee: Colony Bank

Price: Not listed

Location: Not named

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