Glynn County property transfers involving a monetary exchange recorded the week of Aug. 12 through Aug. 16 by the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk of Courts:

Seller: Richard Baker

Buyer: James Wallace

Price: $360,500

Location: Demere Landing

Seller: Diane Wall

Buyer: Earle Porter

Price: $88,000

Location: Serenity Place

Seller: White Heron

Buyer: Nicholas Luppino

Price: $52,000

Location: Courtyard

Seller: Gregory Woolard

Buyer: Thomas Rogers Jr.

Price: $212, 800

Location: Crow’s Nest

Seller: Lloyd Smith

Buyer: Hazanna LLC

Price: $32,500

Location: Old Town

Seller: Brenton Arnold

Buyer: Drew Clements

Price: $150,000

Location: Avondale

Seller: Timothy Stevens

Buyer: Melisa Nolen

Price: $194,000

Location: Turton West

Seller: Richard Orsetti

Buyer: Rebecca Tucker

Price: $427,000

Location: Captain’s Walk

Seller: Rebecca Tucker

Buyer: Joseph Underwood

Price: $600,000

Location: Ocean Village

Seller: Walter Fallstrom

Buyer: Robyn Markley

Price: $310,000

Location: Sugarmill

Seller: Paul Malone

Buyer: Katherine Duffell

Price: $165,000

Location: Belle Pointe East

Seller: Hodnett Cooper

Buyer: SSI Page LLC

Price: $192,500

Location: Island Retreat

Seller: Mark Nyeste

Buyer: Greg Moxley

Price: $205,000

Location: Millcrest

Seller: Matthew Carter

Buyer: Brittany Mills

Price: $178,500

Location: Satilla Sands

Seller: Southern Heritage Realty

Buyer: Victor Barnes Jr.

Price: $245,000

Location: Courtyard

Seller: Katherine Duffell

Buyer: Jonah Rigdon

Price: $199,000

Location: Windsor Park

Seller: Glenn Sasser

Buyer: Joan Anderson

Price: $427,000

Location: Royal Oaks

Seller: Solid Rock Holdings LLC

Buyer: Ronnie Luke

Price: $22,400

Location: Clearwater

Seller: Landmark 24 Homes

Buyer: Zsombor Mayer

Price: $286,300

Location: Carriage Gate Plantation

Seller: James Reynolds

Buyer: Dennis Nelson

Price: $215,500

Location: Landings at Golden Isles

Seller: Synovus Bank

Buyer: Palmetto Building Group

Price: $100,000

Location: Rowantree

Seller: Leila Baldwin

Buyer: Palmetto Building Group

Price: $275,000

Location: St. Simons Island Club

Seller: Douglas Stein

Buyer: Palmetto Building Group

Price: $1,425,000

Location: Hawkins Island

Seller: Henry Smith

Buyer: Richard Reyes

Price: $332,000

Location: Simonton Court

Seller: Stewart Atkins

Buyer: Michael Goodroe

Price: $285,000

Location: Middleton Home

Seller: Charles Schaller

Buyer: Sheba Black

Price: $177,900

Location: Plantation at Golden Isles

Seller: David Raczynski

Buyer: Amy Holloway

Price: $292,000

Location: Glynn Haven

Seller:JWB Owner LLC

Buyer: Michelle Stewart

Price: $540,000

Location: Brampton Commercial Parks

Seller: Palmetto Building Group

Buyer: Sandy Vacation LLC

Price: $1,300,000

Location: St. Simons Beach Club

Seller: Mary O’Malley

Buyer: Kelsey Behrend

Price: $155,400

Location: Belle Point

Seller: Stephen Arant

Buyer: Erick Funn

Price: $530,000

Location: Laurel View

Seller: Palmetto Building Group

Buyer: Reba Johnson

Price: $480,000

Location: Villas at Gascoigne

Seller: Palmetto Building Group

Buyer: Helen Morton

Price: $900,000

Location: Parkview

Seller: Reba Johnson

Buyer: Palmetto Building Group

Price: $1,380,000

Location: St. Simons Beach Club

Seller: Joshua Foulk

Buyer: Marcm LLC

Price: $617,000

Location: Beach Drive Place

Seller: RLF Carriage Gate

Buyer: Stacey Weinstein

Price: $42,500

Location: Carriage Gate

Seller: James Todd

Buyer: Robert Johnstone

Price: $228,000

Location: Lexington Place

Seller: Caroline Harris

Buyer: Donnie Manning

Price: $149,900

Location: Sandalwood

Seller: Richard Otto

Buyer: Flanagan Development

Price: $154,000

Location: North End

Seller: Richard Otto

Buyer: 29 James Pearey LLC

Price: $165,000

Location: North End

Seller: 405 N Harbour Oaks LLC

Buyer: Seed Investments LLC

Price: $265,000

Location: Harbour Oaks

Seller: Lamar Smith Signature Homes

Buyer: Tyra Sanderson

Price: $220,900

Location: Tanglewood

Seller: Louise Carter

Buyer: Efrain Sanchez

Price: $40,000

Location: Town Commons

Seller: William Tarto

Buyer: Samuel Brantley

Price: $35,000

Location: Lawrenceville

Seller: Mary Boswell

Buyer: Juan Blanco

Price: $35,000

Location: Beverly Shores

Seller: Neil Foster

Buyer: Juan Morales

Price: $11,000

Location: Urbana

Seller: Ryan Flowers

Buyer: James Farrell

Price: $164,000

Location: Buckmeadow

Seller: Equity Trust Co.

Buyer: Enrique Verdun

Price: $75,000

Location: North Point

Seller: Brookhill Holdings LLC

Buyer: Livelaughlove LLC

Price: $2,650,000

Location: Sea Island

Seller: Diane Cousins

Buyer: Michael Irwin

Price: $185,000

Location: Nottinghill

Seller: Susan Chon

Buyer: 201 Five Pounds LLC

Price: $420,000

Location: Shaw’s Bounty

Seller: Genesis 23 LLC

Buyer: Seaside Medical LLC

Price: $6,550,000

Location: Parcels 1 and 2 Commence at Concrete

Seller: Olive Williams

Buyer: Michael Middleton

Price: $35,000

Location: Not listed

Seller: Victory Storage Co.

Buyer: Altama 2919 and T LLC

Price: $225,000

Location: 801 Minor

Seller: Robert Bee

Buyer: Tyra Hilliard

Price: $326,000

Location: Oak Forest

Seller: Hodnett Cooper

Buyer: Tyra Hilliard

Price: $326,000

Location: Oak Forest

Seller: Hodnett Cooper

Buyer: Joel Cordle

Price: $191,500

Location: Island Retreat

Seller: Olga Waits

Buyer: Aaron Stephens

Price: $615,000

Location: East Beach

Seller: Cab Building LLC

Buyer: John McEachern Co.

Price: $23,000

Location: Landings at Golden Isles

Seller: Frederica Development

Buyer: John Caspersen

Price: $275,000

Location: Frederica Township

Seller: Christopher Curtis

Buyer: Robert Guyton

Price: $430,000

Location: North End

Leasor: Brunswick and Glynn County

Price: Not listed

Location: Building known as Brunswick Golden Isles

Leasee: Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority

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