Glynn County property transfers involving a monetary exchange recorded the week of June 3 through June 7 by the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk of Courts:

Seller: Jeffrey Thomas

Buyer: Steven Thaxton

Price: $380,000

Location: St. Clair Estates

Seller: Cindy Carter

Buyer: Wright Culpepper

Price: $215,000

Location: Windsor Park

Seller: Oak Brothers Construction

Buyer: Megan Ramsey

Price: $654,000

Location: Mission Asao

Seller: Palmetto Building Group

Buyer: James Muse Jr.

Price: $490,000

Location: Villas at Gascoigne

Seller: Honeymilk Properties LLC

Buyer: Boardwalk Plaza LLC

Price: $1,500,000

Location: Boardwalk


Seller: Pauline Ditch

Buyer: Linda Henderson

Price: $360,000

Location: Musgrove Plantation

Seller: Pendleton Crump

Buyer: Hollad Pritchard

Price: $483,000

Location: North Breakers

Seller: Nicholas Cyn

Buyer: Felice Thomuse

Price: $115,000

Location: Magnolia Park

Seller: Heritage Bank

Buyer: Adam Harper

Price: $50,000

Location: Foxcreek

Seller: Julius Pinkney

Buyer: Arleen Rosario

Price: $92,500

Location: Bonnie Day

Seller: Matthew Meyer

Buyer: Audrey Herbert

Price: $29,300

Location: Henrietta Kight Tract SC 4 Acre

Seller: Sean Mann

Buyer: Carl Mumford

Price: $274,000

Location: Clearwater

Seller: Pedro Arosemena

Buyer: Anthony Sallins

Price: $159,000

Location: Wingefield Commons

Seller: Diego Vivar

Buyer: Christopher Woods

Price: $259,000

Location: Eagle Crest

Seller: Preston Farley

Buyer: William Hilton

Price: $255,000

Location: Eagle Crest

Seller: Evans T&T Investments

Buyer: Matthew 724 LLC

Price: $500,000

Location: Village Villas

Seller: Mary Parker

Buyer: Deborah Logan

Price: $238,000

Location: Peppertree Crossing

Seller: John Fletcher

Buyer: Wilfred Lindner

Price: $199,000

Location: Grant’s Ferry Cove

Seller: Connie Nealy

Buyer: Anthony Shaw

Price: $101,400

Location: Fairway Oaks

Seller: Gregory Stucky

Buyer: Gary Miller

Price: $499,500

Location: Admiral Cove

Seller: Brandi Hiott

Buyer: Jeffrey Moore

Price: $413,000

Location: Laurel Grove

Seller: Robert Katoski

Buyer: Louis Ayala

Price: $139,900

Location: Culligan’s Landing

Seller: Frances Mitchell

Buyer: RX2 Investments LLC

Price: $143,000

Location: Caleb’s Crossing

Seller: Ruth Baggarley

Buyer: William Bristol

Price: $180,000

Location: Belle Point

Seller: Wil Wainwright

Buyer: Darlene DeMayo Production

Price: $190,000

Location: Unnamed parcel

Seller: David Baxter

Buyer: Lindsay Pope

Price: $332,500

Location: Marshes

Seller: Norma Owens

Buyer: Samuel Willis

Price: $89,900

Location: Glyndale

Seller: James McAdams

Buyer: Edward Herrin

Price: $422,500

Location: Demere Landing

Leasor: Sandra Hamel

Leasee: Brandon Defeo

Price: Leasehold Assignment

Location: Palmettpo Blk A L 9

Leasor: Ocean Oaks at Jekyll Island

Leasee: Seth Cole

Price: Not listed

Location: Ocean Oaks at Jekyll Island

Leasor: Archland Property LLC

Leasee: Archland Property LLC

Price: Not listed

Location: Royal Oaks

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