Glynn County property transfers involving a monetary exchange recorded the week of June 24 through June 28 by the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk of Courts:

Seller: Laura Morrison

Buyer: Robert Walker Jr.

Price: $20,000

Location: New Town

Seller: Timothy Wilson

Buyer: Xiomorria Scott

Price: $37,500

Location: Town Commons

Seller: Kenneth Martinez

Buyer: David Bramlage

Price: $277,000

Location: Cinder Hill

Seller: Michael Hodzen

Buyer: Jessica Long

Price: $344,000

Location: Royal Oaks

Seller: Evan Beard

Buyer: Mark Baldridge

Price: $139,000

Location: Scarlet Gardens

Seller: Mark Warren

Buyer: Matthew Mosley

Price: $174,500

Location: Belle Pointe East

Seller: Bobby Troupe

Buyer: Michael Mleko

Price: $12,000

Location: Silver Bluff

Seller: Seth Jordan

Buyer: Evan Beard

Price: $177,800

Location: Belle Point

Seller: Marian Lawlor

Buyer: Angel Coley

Price: $130,000

Location: Waverly Pines

Seller: Mario Garcia

Buyer: Lloyd Crum

Price: $255,200

Location: Beverly Shores

Seller: Mario Garcia

Buyer: Lloyd Crum

Price: $150,000

Location: Laurel Grove Tract

Seller: Lloyd Crum

Buyer: Southern Retreat RV Park

Price: $3,000,000

Location: Not listed

Seller: Rhangos Brothers LLC

Buyer: 600 Gloucester St. LLC

Price: $15,000

Location: Old Town

Seller: Rhangos Brothers LLC

Buyer: 501 Gloucester St.

Price: $650,000

Location: Old Town

Seller: Lamar Smith

Buyer: Zachary Davis

Price: $206,900

Location: Tanglewood

Seller: Lamar Frank

Buyer: Esteban Castillo

Price: $235,500

Location: Windard Acres

Seller: Edgar Lindsey

Buyer: SSI 7 LLC

Price: $259,000

Location: Kelvin Grove

Seller: Russell Wright

Buyer: Eric Wright

Price: $102,000

Location: Cypress Run

Seller: Quality Development

Buyer: Brian Heckler

Price: $200,000

Location: Ratcliffe Lake

Seller: Cumberland Investment

Buyer: Regency Innovations LLC

Price: $15,000

Location: Grove at Pecan Pointe

Seller: John Daly

Buyer: Angela Peters

Price: $122,000

Location: Culligan’s Landing

Seller: Millennium Trust Co.

Buyer: Scott Risi

Price: $37,500

Location: Hampton Plantation

Seller: Joshua Ferguson

Buyer: Paul Evans

Price: $490,000

Location: West Point Plantation

Seller: CitiMortgage Inc

Buyer: Kim Le

Price: $40,500

Location: Beverly Shores

Seller: Peugco LLC

Buyer: Kaufmann Family Limited Partnership

Price: $260,000

Location: Glynn Haven Estates

Seller: Heritage Bank

Buyer: Heidi McDaniel

Price: $22,500

Location: Fox Creek Estates

Seller: Barbara Cotton

Buyer: Joy Finch

Price: $19,000

Location: Thalman Farms

Seller: Waterstone Support

Buyer: Kaufmann Family Limited Partnership

Price: $255,000

Location: Glynn Haven Estates

Seller: Georgia Ventures

Buyer: Sharon Greene

Price: $192,000

Location: Brockington Marsh

Seller: PGC Corbitt Holdings LLC

Buyer: Kimberly Sims

Price: $725,000

Location: North Breakers

Seller: Victory Estates LLC

Buyer: Rebuilding Together of Glynn County

Price: $3,000

Location: Model Farm

Seller: Midfirst Bank

Buyer: Lester Whitt

Price: $40,000

Location: Peninsula Park Extension

Seller: Peggy Burdett

Buyer: Ronald Kelley

Price: $348,000

Location: Harbour Oaks

Seller: Tyler Walters

Buyer: Dale Cook

Price: $275,000

Location: Glynn Haven Estates

Seller: Franconia Real Estate

Buyer: Michael Humphries

Price: $500,000

Location: Wymberly on the Marsh

Seller: David Paga

Buyer: Manuel Rosa

Price: $399,000

Location: Sea Palms

Seller: Heritage Bank

Buyer: Corey Bessent

Price: $23,500

Location: River Oaks

Seller: Shaun Johnson

Buyer: Stella Perry

Price: $8,000

Location: Arco

Seller: Jeanne O’Brien

Buyer: Wellspring Ventures LLC

Price: $4,100,000

Location: Sea Island

Seller: Robert Mues

Buyer: Amy Loskoski

Price: $205,000

Location: Skiff Landing

Seller: Charles Molloy

Buyer: Carol Fifield

Price: $350,500

Location: Spanish Oaks

Seller: David Dukes III

Buyer: Donald Terry III

Price: $148,200

Location: Sandalwood

Seller: Vaughn Home Builders

Buyer: Cody Blades

Price: $315,000

Location: Lakes

Seller: 1404 SCM LLC

Buyer: John Barge

Price: $107,000

Location: Windsor Park

Seller: Maryam Mirhosseini

Buyer: Davella LP

Price: $ 95,000

Location: Not listed

Seller: Sara Sheffield

Buyer: Jason Smith

Price: $599,000

Location: Riverside

Seller: Esther Smith

Buyer: Timothy Wilson

Price: $890,000

Location: St. Simons Island Club

Seller: Aditi Anya LLC

Buyer: Om Kali Nirman LLC

Price: $2,051,000

Location: Not listed

Seller: Cynthia Dennis

Buyer: Shaw Nuff Ventures LLC

Price: $115,000

Location: Moss Creek Villas

Seller: JP Martin

Buyer: Shaw Nuff Ventures

Price: $99,900

Location: Moss Creek Villas

Seller: Precision Metals INC

Buyer: Gregory Sperry

Price: $130,000

Location: Belle Point

Seller: Gregory Yancey

Buyer: Fredi Xiloj

Price: $43,000

Location: Peninsula Park

Seller: Michael Fleisher

Buyer: John Casperson

Price: $1,550,000

Location: Frederica Township

Seller: Andrea Thau

Buyer: Richard Brandon

Price: $190,000

Location: Hampton River Villas

Seller: Dorothy Shafer

Buyer: Thuy Gonzalez

Price: $150,000

Location: Laurel View

Seller: Pallet Menders INC

Buyer: Hazanna LLC

Price: $59,900

Location: New Town

Seller: Jeff Johns Construction

Buyer: Michael Burris

Price: $168,700

Location: Avondale

Seller: Lamar Smith Signature Holdings

Buyer: Brian Hollingshead

Price: $167,600

Location: Tanglewood

Seller: Douglas Cox

Buyer: Patricia Walker

Price: $238,000

Location: Satilla Sands

Seller: Wilmington Savings Fund

Buyer: Jeff Dennard

Price: $37,200

Location: Old Town

Seller: Melissa Oswald

Buyer: Gregory Irvin

Price: $1,450,000

Location: East Beach

Seller: Richard Bussell

Buyer: Rachel Shanks

Price: $239,900

Location: Belle Point

Leasor: Paul Page

Leasee: James Hambrick

Price: Not listed

Location: Plantation

Leasor: Norman Zerkus

Leasee: Randall McGarvey

Price: Not listed

Location: Cottages at Jekyll Island

Leasor: Roger Allison

Leasee: David Huff

Price: Not listed

Location: Villas By the Sea

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