Editor’s Note: The remaining Property Transactions will run in tomorrow’s edition of The News.

Glynn County property transfers involving a monetary exchange recorded the week of May 17 through May 21 by the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk of Courts:

Seller: Benjamin S. Cheeks

Buyer: Roger P. Nestor II

Price: $290,000

Location: Oak Grove Island

Seller: James J. Melchione

Buyer: True Pair LLC

Price: $279,900

Location: Shadow Brooke Village

Seller: Timothy F. Wellford

Buyer: Tony Pigg

Price: $238,000

Location: Deer Run Villas

Seller: Maritime Homes LLC

Buyer: Carlos Santana

Price: $314,900

Location: Cinder Hill

Seller: Emma Kathleen Co

Buyer: Social Impact Community Partners LLC

Price: $75,000

Location: New Town

Seller: LTD Land Holdings LLC

Buyer: Nancy E. Mather

Price: $17,500

Location: Lakes

Seller: Jason Michael Haray

Buyer: Rebecca Leann Durden

Price: $228,500

Location: Green Cove

Seller: James Gary Waters

Buyer: James P. McEntee

Price: $292,500

Location: Peppertree Crossing

Seller: Linda C. Mallard, trustee

Buyer: Wayne Knox

Price: $118,000

Location: Glendale Gardens

Seller: Peppertree 3 LLC

Buyer: Letha Fowler

Price: $278,800

Location: Peppertree Crossing

Seller: Mark E. Henry

Buyer: Tanner Nolan McLaine

Price: $165,000

Location: Northend

Seller: Tim W. Hudson

Buyer: Jimmy R. Partin

Price: $50,000

Location: New Town

Seller: Gina Patrick

Buyer: Jean R. Stewart

Price: $43,500

Location: Wilton Tyson Estate

Seller: Laurice Lancaster

Buyer: Tongelia Latrice Thomas

Price: $164,000

Location: Powers Landing

Seller: Susan Owens Cobb

Buyer: Stacey Semtner, trustee

Price: $850,000

Location: Country Club

Seller: Lillian S. Binner

Buyer: John M. Butin

Price: $362,500

Location: Linkside Patio

Seller: Billy Gardiner

Buyer: 710 George Street LLC

Price: $160,000

Location: Old Town

Seller: Angela Adams

Buyer: Hillary S. Stringfellow, trustee

Price: $267,100

Location: Wymberly on the Marsh

Seller: Brian Bauer

Buyer: Lynda Gayle Roberts

Price: $340,000

Location: Kingstowne

Seller: Johns Land Co Inc.

Buyer: Jeff Johns Construction Inc.

Price: $22,000

Location: Avondale

Seller: Charles A. Dorminy

Buyer: Angela S. Harrison

Price: $950,000

Location: Hampton Point

Seller: James D. Corley

Buyer: Lance Turpin

Price: $725,000

Location: St. Simons Club

Seller: Jeffery S. Wainwright

Buyer: Jon Clarke

Price: $445,000

Location: Tree Top

Seller: Ian Buchli

Buyer: Karen Vineyard

Price: $360,000

Location: Demere Landing

Seller: Glynn Brunswick Land Bank Authority

Buyer: Harboer Lenders North LLC

Price: $5,500

Location: Liberty Harbor

Seller: Folly Holdings Inc.

Buyer: Matthew S. Doroff

Price: $769,000

Location: N/A

Seller: Eric Howard Wright

Buyer: Claborn Investment LLC

Price: $165,000

Location: Cypress Run

Seller: Kimberly K. Guest

Buyer: Jessica Blair Turner

Price: $15,000

Location: Ridgewood Plantation

Seller: Housing & Urban Development

Buyer: John Wayne Flanders

Price: $160,000

Location: Cypress Run

Seller: Jennifer D. Smith

Buyer: Grant Watkins

Price: $247,000

Location: Hunters Point

Seller: Terry G. Rook

Buyer: Whitney Bailey

Price: $240,000

Location: Tanglewood

Seller: Kimberly G. Williams

Buyer: Raven V. Gill

Price: $218,500

Location: Maggies Ridge

Seller: John W. Robinson

Buyer: Anna Denise Myers

Price: $3,600

Location: Dixville

Seller: Karen M. Harris

Buyer: Coby Scott Bender

Price: $164,000

Location: Wingfield Commons

Seller: Palmetto Building Group LLC

Buyer: Stephen F. Sipperly

Price: $1,500,000

Location: St. Simons Island Club

Seller: Beachview Investments LLC

Buyer: Lawrence V. Meagher

Price: $565,000

Location: Villas at Gascoigne

Seller: Chandler Akins

Buyer: Wendy L. Berryhill

Price: $115,000

Location: Harrington

Seller: Donna Boswell Smith

Buyer: Terri Dianne Anito

Price: $304,500

Location: Ocean Walk

Seller: Kathilyn D. Edmond

Buyer: Erika Nicole Brooks

Price: $172,200

Location: Powers Landing

Seller: RLF Carriage Gate Properties LLC

Buyer: VC Dirt LLC

Price: $1,332,500

Location: Carriage Gate Plantation

Seller: Arlene M. Catalina

Buyer: Traci H. Lee

Price: $328,000

Location: Twin Rivers

Seller: Jonathan W. Hewett

Buyer: Gary Pope

Price: $18,000

Location: Palm Grove Island

Seller: Michael L. Wagner

Buyer: Krista Dawn Connor

Price: $373,000

Location: Ratcliffe Lake

Seller: Colt Pfaff

Buyer: Brinney Dale Smith

Price: $267,900

Location: Hardwood Forest

Seller: Sgar Properties

Buyer: Lamar Smith Signature Development LLC

Price: $480,000

Location: Covington Pointe

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