Glynn County property transfers involving a monetary exchange recorded the week of Aug. 26 through Aug. 30 by the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk of Courts:

Seller: JDB3 Investments LLC

Buyer: Bisoondath Investors and Management LLC

Price: $65,000

Location: College Park

Seller: Young Davis

Buyer: John Beecher

Price: $35,000

Location: Valerie Blk B

Seller: Mark Ward

Buyer: David Soledad

Price: $32,000

Location: 801 Subdiv of 2

Seller: Ditech Financial LLC

Buyer: Sandra Shannon

Price: $37,500

Location: Not listed

Seller: GDCO LLC

Buyer: Jamelle Kirksey

Price: $105,000

Location: Culligan’s Landing

Seller: Earl Morgan

Buyer: Delmus Bacon

Price: $65,000

Location: Petersville Settlement

Seller: Rogelio Quintanar

Buyer: Robert Morgan

Price: $330,000

Location: Epworth Acres

Seller: Albert Reeves

Buyer: Lynne Hall

Price: $163,000

Location: Island Square

Seller: Citizens Bank Bemiss

Buyer: Regency Innovations LLC

Price: $253,000

Location: Greyfield Villas

Seller: Ronald Scherba

Buyer: Hai Le

Price: $247,500

Location: Lexington Place

Seller: Binnalce INC

Buyer: Vince Enterprise LLC

Price: $2,000,000

Location: King City Hotel Reservations

Seller: Joseph Khurana

Buyer: Ralph Iorio

Price: $442,000

Location: Sea Palms North Cottages

Seller: John Owen

Buyer: Christopher Lail

Price: $251,900

Location: Ocean Walk

Seller: Sima Farmer

Buyer: Thomas Gesner

Price: $675,100

Location: East Beach

Seller: Renee Jordan

Buyer: CL Greer Enterprises INC

Price: $280,000

Location: Not listed

Seller: L&J Properties

Buyer: Cathryn Dunn

Price: $860,000

Location: St. Simons Grand

Seller: Edward Slaughter

Buyer: Timothy Meredith

Price: $245,000

Location: Country Walk

Seller: Robert Bibby

Buyer: Friedrich Chrapko

Price: $263,000

Location: Lakes

Seller: Pallet Menders INC

Buyer: Lula Mae Taylor

Price: $89,900

Location: Brunswick Villa

Seller: Michele Carlberg

Buyer: Remona Barry

Price: $174,900

Location: Avondale

Seller: Equity Trust Co.

Buyer: Tabby Getaway LLC

Price: $459,000

Location: Beach Club at St. Simons

Seller: Berry Clements

Buyer: Diann McMahan

Price: $505,000

Location: Sea Palms Golf and Country

Seller: Della Vicent

Buyer: Dennis Daniel

Price: $121,000

Location: Demere Hammock

Seller: Paul Sanders

Buyer: William Vazquez

Price: $747,200

Location: Enclave at Sea Palms

Seller: Barbara Klepsig

Buyer: Rebecca Dorrell

Price: $179,000

Location: Island Townhouse

Seller: Rosie Ozaki

Buyer: Michael Mills

Price: $59,900

Location: Habersham Park

Seller: Nancy Williamson

Buyer: Stephen Bowen

Price: $750,000

Location: Sea View

Seller: PTM Beach LLC

Buyer: Tommy Coleman

Price: $555,000

Location: Seahaven Townhome

Seller: Saralyn Sears

Buyer: Steven Thiry

Price: $445,000

Location: West Lake

Seller: Joel Cordle

Buyer: Philop Villiotte

Price: $795,000

Location: Village Oaks

Seller: Margaret Jacobs

Buyer: TFG Enterprises LLC

Price: $348,300

Location: Island Retreat

Seller: Richard Morris

Buyer: Gary Pope

Price: $375,000

Location: South Oak

Seller: Jerome Suddarth

Buyer: Tonnie Shadrom

Price: $110,000

Location: Windsor Park

Seller: Roberto Taglione

Buyer: Steely Taglione

Price: $321,000

Location: Lakes

Seller: Richard Pond

Buyer: Dealvin Martin

Price: $20,800

Location: Blythe Island

Seller: Richard Ogden

Buyer: Marian Matsan

Price: $380,000

Location: Commons at Frederica

Seller: Richard Lefeber

Buyer: Michael Antonio

Price: $704,000

Location: Oak Forest

Seller: Frederica Development

Buyer: Joseph Cashia

Price: $400,000

Location: Frederica Township

Seller: Carlton Devooght

Buyer: Keith Mitchell LLC

Price: $746,400

Location: Battery L 3

Leasor: Ocean Oaks at Jekyll

Leasee: Ocean Oaks Live Oak LLC

Price: Not listed

Location: Jekyll Island

• • •

Glynn County property transfers involving a monetary exchange recorded the week of Sept. 2 through Sept. 6 by the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk of Courts:

Seller: Lamar Smith Signature Homes

Buyer: Bounteum Phengdara

Price: $184,600

Location: Tanglewood

Seller: Michael Doubleday

Buyer: Sue Chambless

Price: $375,000

Location: Grandview at Sea Palms

Seller: Tinie Cyin

Buyer: Duy Bui

Price: $135,800

Location: Fairway Oaks

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