With more and more adults getting vaccinated, there’s an increasing push for life to move toward normalcy.

But Dr. Steven Mosher urges Isles residents to remain cautious about contracting or spreading COVID-19.

The board-certified internal medicine physician specializing in infectious disease and member of the Southeast Georgia Health System medical staff says the virus is still spreading and can pose risks. Even those who have received one or two shots, Mosher says, should be mindful when interacting with others.

“Remember, you’re not fully vaccinated until it’s been at least two weeks since your second dose of a two-dose vaccine. So it’s important to gather safely,” he said.

Mosher recommends fully vaccinated individuals follow the gathering advice offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is quick to note that being vaccinated isn’t a free pass.

It may be possible to get and spread the virus after you’re vaccinated, even if you don’t have symptoms. “We are still learning how well the vaccines guard against new and more infectious virus variants,” Mosher said. “Until we know more about these things, it’s best to play it safe.”

The good news — those who are fully vaccinated are able to interact with others in a safer way.

According to the CDC, people who have been fully vaccinated can gather indoors with other people who are also fully vaccinated. Those individuals don’t have to wear a mask or stay six feet apart.

When visiting unvaccinated people, masks should be worn and social distancing observed.

The CDC also says travel within the U.S. is permissibl for those who are fully vaccinated. However, travelers should still wear a mask, keep 6 feet from others, avoid crowds and wash their hands often.

Even for those who are fully vaccinated, Mosher says that some things should still be avoided.

Medium- or large-size gatherings aren’t safe yet, even after being vaccinated.

Vaccinated individuals should also still take care not to mix too freely with more than one household at a time. For example, visiting unvaccinated relatives is OK as long as they all live together. But if their neighbors drop by, everyone should wear masks, keep their distance and take the gathering outside.

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