Dr. Jen Heller, left, stands with her patient Meredith Phillips at her office in Brunswick.

Meredith Phillips is young, vibrant and healthy. As such, the 21-year-old certainly doesn’t appear to be someone who has the same issues as a 75 year old. But the Kingsland resident is proof positive that pain doesn’t discriminate.

It started when she began experiencing issues with her low back and hips.

“I was having some pretty intense low back pain and hip pain,” she said, seated on the couch of Dr. Jen Heller’s office in Brunswick. “I also have fibromyalgia.”

It became so bad, in fact, that the college student was having trouble doing basic tasks. She couldn’t climb the stairs to her dorm or even do basic everyday tasks.

“I couldn’t drive for more than 30 minutes. It hurt when I was sitting or when I was laying down. It was pretty bad,” Meredith said.

Naturally, her mother, Tracey, was very concerned. Circling through different doctors’ offices wasn’t helping, so when she heard about Dr. Jen Heller’s impressive success rate in treating patients with serious ailments, she decided that it was worth exploring.

When Meredith arrived, I knew that she needed more of an overall look at not just her muchles and joints (physical stress), but her inflammatory level (chemical stress) for her whole body”, Heller said.

“We did a full body workup including hair analysis, food sensitivity testing and a full blood panel,” she said. “Dr. Jen does a really good job of listening and doesn’t blow you off.”

That gave Heller’s team a comprehensive understanding of Meredith’s situation as well as an advantageous starting point to begin treatment. In fact, for the Phillips family, it offered more of a complete picture than Meredith had ever received.

“We knew more about Meredith’s health from coming here than we did in the 19 years or so of going to pediatricians and other doctors,” Tracey said.

Among other things, Heller unearthed that Meredith had scoliosis, was hypermobile and had a number of food sensitivities.

“Dairy and wheat ... but it also showed bananas and blueberries, which was surprising,” Meredith said with a laugh.

What makes Heller Healthcare so different? Heller Healthcare is part of an integrative practice. Heller Healthcare has teamed up with Golden Isles Functional Medicine. While Heller offers chiropractic care and medical massage, Golden Isles Functional Medicine offers an anti-arthritis program, degenerative joint care treatments, holistic pain management options, hormone optimization, nutritional planning and specializes in regenerative medicine. Together they develop a customized care plan for their patients to help each individual meet their health goals and get back to living their best life.

Meredith also started receiving chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Heller which were providing a good bit of relief. But ultimately, because of how much arthritis she has already, she decided to explore regenerative medicine to maximize her results.

“I had some pretty extensive joint instability too, so I decided to explore stem cells. I had the injections in my ankles, wrists and my hips,” she said.

While she was a bit nervous going into the procedure, but the results proved nothing short of miraculous.

“Oh yeah, I was nervous. You don’t know what to expect,” she said with a laugh. “But within 48 hours, I could see a significant difference in the stability of my joints. Then I had no pain ... in my wrists, hips or low back. I also used to have headaches from time to time which are gone now.”

“The stability and functional change that I’ve seen in her day to day since the regenerative medicine treatment has been amazing. I’m so happy with her changes, she’s followed her plan to a T,” Heller said.

Meredith continues to receive chiropractic treatment to keep her body in alignment and as healthy as possible. And she’s incredibly grateful to have taken early steps to secure her future health. She certainly recommends that those experiencing pain — regardless of age — to give their office a call to schedule their complementary consultation.

“You really don’t have to pop an Aleve every day. I’m glad I don’t have to live like that anymore. This was the solution I was looking for,” Meredith said.

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