Have you ever heard God speak to you? What if He is constantly seeking to communicate to you, but you are too busy to slow down and seek to listen to Him? What if your life is filled with too much noise to hear Him?

You may wonder if the Lord really speaks to people. When you look at the scripture, there is no doubt that God spoke to people. Throughout the Old Testament, God spoke through his prophets. In the New Testament, God spoke through the Holy Spirit. What about today? Does God actually have something to say to you and me? Is there any reason to believe, as a Christian, that you should be hearing from God?

From the beginning to the end, scripture reveals a personal God who continually reaches out to humanity to communicate concerning Himself, His purposes, and His ways. God speaks to people. God shows Himself to people. In the weeks to come, I will talk about the different ways that God uses to speak to us. Today I just want to plant the idea in your head that your Heavenly Father wants you to hear his voice.

One of Jesus most repeated phrases was, “He who has ears to hear.” If you have been born again and the Spirit of God lives inside of you, then God has given you ears to hear his voice. You have as much right to know and discern God’s voice as anyone on the planet. If you have received Christ, you are in a relationship with Him and if you lean into God and learn to follow and listen, there is no telling how God may lead and guide you.

We have been given ears to hear, but we must choose to use our ears. We must learn to develop a listening ear to hear his voice. Communication experts will tell you that even though listening is one of the primary things we do in communication, many of us never really learn how to do it right. The experts believe that true listening skills are something that is learned, not something that is innate. You have the ability to listen but you must learn to truly listen to others. How much more true is this in regards to our spiritual listening?

If you are going to learn to listen to God’s voice, it must become vital to you. There must be something in you that really desires to know and hear from God. You will not stumble into the ability to hear from God. It will be because of your hunger and desire to do so.

At one time Jamaica was a British colony. Eventually they won their freedom and decided to no longer use the British monetary system of pounds and schillings. They decided to turn the American system of money based on the dollar. The government faced a dilemma because many people in the country were illiterate. They were concerned as to how the people would learn the new system of money. They debated about whether to hold large classes and seminars so people could be trained in the new monetary system. A wise man spoke up and said they didn’t need to worry about the issue. He explained that money is absolutely vital and essential to the people, therefore they would learn the new system quickly. And they did.

They didn’t need a class. They learned because of their need for survival. When something is that vital to us, we will discover it. I am going to talk about hearing from God over the next few weeks, but no series of classes or articles can make it happen. You will learn to hear from God because you want to — because you believe it is absolutely vital to your life and journey. Do you hear me? Do you have ears to hear? And that’s the Word.

The Rev. David Yarborough is pastor of St. Simons Community Church. Contact him at david@sscommunitychurch.com or 912-634-2960.

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