Clay Davis, from left, Dr. Jen Heller, Kyndra Thomas, Rachel Moore and Darrell Sammons sit in the waiting area of Heller Healthcare in Brunswick.

Seated in the cozy waiting area of Heller Healthcare in Brunswick, a group of patients chatted away excitedly. From the outside, it appeared they were old friends but in reality, they had never met before.

It was quickly clear that Clay Davis, Darrell Sammons and Rachel Moore were connected in a meaningful way. Each of them had terrible pain from arthritis, bone on bone knees, or degenerative discs in the back or neck. Each of them were patients of Dr. Jen Heller. Most importantly, each of them have had the most amazing results and were passionate about sharing the story of their path to healing.

While their issues were different, they all received Regenerative Medicine therapy under Nurse Practitioner

Kyndra Thomas’ direction, and chiropractic care under Dr. Heller’s watchful eye. And because of that, there’s a sense of camaraderie and shared gratitude among the group.

“If I hadn’t experienced this, I would think people were exaggerating. I just never could have imagined that I would feel this good,” Davis said to Sammons.

“... and at this age,” Sammons (now age 73) replied with a laugh.

Both Davis and Sammons had regenerative treatments in their lower backs. Davis battled years of wear and tear from sports, exercise and a career in construction.

“It was just a gradual thing for me. I never had an accident or anything like that” Davis said.

“Clay is a great example of weekend warrior turned 7 days a week warrior” laughed Heller. “He’s a builder and you can only do it daily for so many years till it catches up with you. Clays low back pain and degenerative discs have been a struggle for him for awhile, and they weren’t getting better. We had to do something more” stated Heller.

After Davis’ Regenerative Medicine treatment, in May 2019, it was clear that this would be a lasting solution. Davis says his life has entirely changed.

“It really is amazing. I never thought that it could be this good. I’m back to working out and doing all of the things I was (able to do) years ago,” Davis said. “I’m blown away everyday.”

Sammons shares that view. The retired pharmacist experienced low back, neck, and shoulder pain for years, making the most ordinary tasks difficult.

“I couldn’t sleep on one side. I couldn’t even turn my neck to look over my shoulder when I was driving,” he recalled.

“Darrell has been a perfect example of a great patient. It came easy for him to follow the rules since he knew surgery and pain meds wasn’t something he wanted to do...well, that and he wanted to be able to turn his head again” she said with a laugh.

He received his Regenerative Medicine treatment, in March of 2020, and has seen life-changing results.

“I just thank the good Lord for Dr. Jen and her staff. They have a sign out in the lobby that says ‘Come in, We’re Awesome,’ well they are awesome,” he said with a smile.

“Regenerative Medicine is revolutionizing the medical industry as a whole. For decades, it was available only in other countries, but since 2015 we have been able to provide this kind of care here to help restore muscle, bone, cartilage and tendons, and of course combat joint pain, arthritis, sports injuries” Heller said.

Like Sammons and Davis, Moore has also found a new lease on life thanks to Regenerative Medicine. She had debilitating pain in her knees — with one swelling to twice its normal size. Moore even found walking nearly impossible.

“I talked with Dr. Jen about my knees and she told me that she had regenerative medicine treatment when she tore her rotator cuff. Well, I knew people who had rotator cuff injuries and it took them months to recover. Dr. Jen said with her regenerative medicine treatment it was just a few weeks. So, I decided to try it.”

“Rachel’s recovery was very cool. She knew that it took my shoulder 3 weeks before I had full range of motion and was pain free, so that was the clock she had in her mind. And by that 3rd day, her knee was normal size and by that 3rd week, she was walking normal and pain free. It was fantastic to watch!” Heller said.

Moore received her Regenerative Medicine treatment in February, 2019 and results were incredible. Moore continues to relish her new life without the specter of constant pain.

“It’s amazing ... I don’t even think about my knees. They’ve been rejuvenated,” Moore said.

For all three patients, the success of the treatment has been nothing short of miraculous. But what’s made as great an impact is the way they’ve been treated in Heller’s office.

“Every time you walk in the door — you’re greeted by name. They watch out for you ... the whole staff does. They really care about your progress and your life,” Moore said.

Davis and Sammons nodded in agreement.

For Dr. Heller, treating patients like family just comes naturally. And celebrating their journeys out of pain and back to life is why she does what she does.

“It’s really amazing for me because I get to see them transform. That’s the fun part of the job,” Heller said with a smile.

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