Dr. Jen Heller stands in her office at 208 Scranton Connector, Brunswick. The chiropractor has seen unparalleled results since opening her practice five years ago.

Dr. Jen Heller sank into the cozy sofa situated in her office’s sitting area. It was a rare moment of downtime for the chiropractor, who is always busy with patients at 208 Scranton Connector, Suite 120, Brunswick.

The quiet time was also a moment for Heller to pause and reflect on her five years in practice here. It started, she remembered, after relocating to Glynn County from the Midwest.

“It was just me and one staff member in a 1,500-square foot building,” Heller said with a smile. “I loved it. I could be a mom of a 3, 2, and new (born) and see my patients and go home. What I didn’t expect was to build something that could serve the community for all of their health needs. I couldn’t even tell you how many patients we’ve seen over the course of almost five years.”

Each one of those were lives that Heller and her staff have touched. Every patient has his or her story of what brought them through the doors of the once only chiropractic care center, now traditional medicine, chiropractic care, and functional/regenerative medicine. The vast majority of them found themselves in the grip of chronic pain or sick and suffering, all unable to live life the way they wanted.

“There are so many stories of pain, degenerative arthritis, and joint pain that takes away the activities that people like to do. A few have even crawled through our door in pain, and to watch them walk out is incredible. It’s so cool, and it’s why we do what we do,” Heller said.

“There were people who couldn’t put their head back to get their hair washed at the salon, there were people who just wanted to be able to play with their kids again and pick them up, or even just to be able to walk without their cane again or raise their arm up to brush their hair. Now, they can. It’s just been so cool. Every hug and high five is a blessing. And it’s a blessing to be a part of that,” Heller added.

But Heller is always seeking to be of greater service to those she treats. The healthcare needs that her patients have needed has led to her expanding and broadening her practices, offering more options for her patients. For some time, Heller’s medical team has been providing regenerative medicine, including therapy that utilizes Human Umbilical Cord Tissue (HUCT) stem cells, which are derived from the consented, donated umbilical cords from healthy mothers who birthed healthy babies. She and her staff have seen unparalleled results, with patient-after-patient singing the practice’s praises. Heller has also seen success with hormone therapy and weight loss as well.

While flying high from those successes would be enough for some, Heller wasn’t done yet. In the summer of 2019, she opened Brunswick Urgent Care, a medical facility next to her chiropractic offices, which offers everything from physicals and flu treatment to primary care under the supervision of a physician.

Most recently, the practice has taken steps to outline these offerings in a more defined way.

“The vision of having sick care, wellness care, and functional medicine all together, working together is what I’ve always wanted for me and my family. We’ve built that and now divided things up so it’s more clear. We have our sick care and primary care which is Brunswick Urgent Care, we have chiropractic and massage under Heller Chiropractic, and then we have our regenerative and functional medicine under Golden Isles Functional Medicine. Three different types of healthcare, all next to each other, all communicating and working together. How awesome is it for your wellness doctor and your medical doctor to work side by side under one roof to meet any need? That was the need — see a need, fill a need, right?” she said with a laugh.

“People in our community now have one place to go, whether they’re sick or they are well, or they want alternative medicine or traditional medicine.”

This new vision for 2020 is certainly gratifying for Heller, who has moved from that 1,500 square foot facility to the 9,000 square foot facility she operates today. And she is even more excited about what the future holds.

“All of our providers are taking new patients right now, and we’re really excited that people have the chance to come and be a part of our family here,” Heller said with a smile.

• For those interested in learning more about the regenerative medicine piece of the practice, there will be a free seminar at 11 a.m. Feb. 6 at the Brunswick Country Club. Heller Healthcare also offers free consultations. For more information, or to become a new patient or to pre-register for the seminar, call 912-264-2244. Their website is www.hellerhealthcare.com

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