Supporting your local arts scene has never been so spooky. Or, rather, it has — but only once before, in 2018.

The Halloween Monster Mash Bash, an annual Halloween party hosted by local arts nonprofits Glynn Visual Arts and Golden Isles Arts & Humanities, is entering its second year, and this go-round promises to bring even more fun and frights.

Previously hosted at the American Legion Hall on St. Simons Island, this year the party will take place in Old City Hall on Newcastle St. in Brunswick. The idea behind the venue change, GVA executive director Susan Ryles explained, was to bridge the gap between the arts communities on the island and mainland.

“Glynn Visual Arts wants to reach more into Brunswick, but some people think that were only here for the island,” Ryles said. “But we’re clearly named after the county. Same thing for the Brunswick people, we’d like to see people going across the causeway for different arts events in our areas.”

The event will ideally alternate from St. Simons and Brunswick every year, to further facilitate the connection between the two areas.

Heather Heath, the executive director of Golden Isles Arts & Humanities, said last year’s Bash was one of the highlights of the fall.

“Last year was super fun, there was music, people came in costumes, which were wonderful and creative and it was just a fantastic time,” she said.

Heath said she estimated at least 120 people attended, and this year the venue can host even more people — as well as a few spectral guests, if the rumors about Old City Hall being haunted are true.

“There might be a few ghosts that pop up while we’re there,” she said, “which makes it even more exciting.”

The night’s itinerary will include a costume contest, fall-themed food catered by Tasteful Temptations, an open bar, a DJ and dance floor.

The event is a fundraiser for organizations that facilitate local art, but Heath explained that attendees can even showcase their creativity through how they dress for the party.

“It’s rare that (adults) get to dress up and be creative with their costumes,” she said. “That makes it extra fun, to go out there and almost be a kid again on Halloween. We don’t get to trick or treat anymore, but we can share our creativity with other folks.”

Even though attendees are only buying one ticket per person, they are “getting twice as much bang for their buck,” Heath said, because the proceeds go to both GVA and GIAH.

“Both are committed to the arts, not just in St. Simons or Brunswick, but to the community as a whole,” she said. “The arts are vital to our communities.”

Ryles echoed this statement.

“Golden Isles Arts & Humanities and Glynn Visual Arts have been partnering for the last couple of years just to try to raise awareness of the arts in general in our area,” she said. “We’re trying to put art on the map — everyone should put art in your life. It’s one of the things that makes life worth living.”

The Halloween Monster Mash Bash is at Old City Hall from 6 to 9 p.m. Oct. 19. Tickets are $75 per person. Visit or to purchase tickets or for more information.

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