Anne Bosarge, left, of the Chapel is pictured with her two children, Jacob, and Rosalyn.

It’s never been a secret — mamas have a lot to handle. Everyday, they juggle a mountain of tasks, doing it all with a love that makes the work load seem effortless.

Of course, it’s not. And with recent developments, things have only gotten tougher for moms. Since the pandemic began, they’ve also faced the challenge of educating and entertaining their home-bound kiddos, while balancing the other daily duties — from work to chores. On top of all of that, this must happen while making sure their families are safe from the coronavirus.

It’s something that Anne Bosarge has thought about a lot these days. The multi-campus director of the Chapel in Brunswick has a lot on her plate. Not only does she help guide the church’s programing, Bosarge also works with the South Georgia Conference of United Methodist Church’s leadership development division.

Her loftiest job title, however, is “mom” — she has a 16-year-old son and 20-year-old daughter.

“My son is at Glynn Academy, and my daughter is at Georgia College in Milledgeville,” she said with a mother’s pride.

Even before the days of COVID-19, raising children wasn’t easy. And bringing them up in a secular world with a sense of faith is also tricky. Luckily for Bosarge, she had a stellar example in her own household growing up.

“My mom and dad were such great examples of what it meant to be Godly people, someone who was becoming more like Jesus everyday. For me, that was such a valuable experience. I feel like that is the most important thing that I can do for my kids — set that example,” she said.

“We have always done family prayers and have read Bible stories, which is great, but if you’re not seeing or experiencing it in life everyday, it doesn’t make as much of an impact. I think it’s more about showing them who you are as a person and living out your faith in front of your kids.”

Naturally, many aspire to be more Christ-like and fall short. But rather than be defeated, Bosarge feels these situations can present the best opportunities for moms (and dads) to lead by example.

“I actually think this is the best example to set. It’s a great opportunity. You can show your kids how to be humble and explain that you didn’t get it right and you’re sorry about it. You can ask for their forgiveness and that sets the example for them,” she said.

“In life, we’re not looking for the opportunity to be the perfect Pinterest mom. We’re moms who are really living life and trying to be that person who is becoming more like Jesus.”

That connection to Christ also offers true comfort in these trying times. Bosarge says that in this era of worry and concern it’s important to hold tight to that relationship, while embracing the beauty of the present moment.

“I think right now what we all need to realize is that worry is the enemy of today’s joy. I think we get so caught up in everything — which is understandable — and we try to control things that are truly outside of our control. Worry wraps us up and steals the joy that is available to us today,” she said.

“I don’t want to minimize things, but we don’t want to be so consumed with worry that we don’t have the ability to see the joy when we are with our kids and our family. I think that so often we just focus on what we can’t control instead of focusing on the present moment — don’t let the worry steal your joy.”

That’s the mentality she shares with her family each day. It’s also the attitude she will be taking into her own Mother’s Day weekend. And while Bosarge is looking forward to special time with her family on Sunday, she encourages other moms to make sure to give themselves gifts.

“A lot of times, as a mom, I have approached that day waiting on the kids or my husband to make it great for me ... but I think what I would love this year, for me and I would encourage it for other moms too — give yourself three gifts. First, an intimate relationship with God. Press into him during this time and let him be your rock and foundation,” she said.

“Second, give yourself the gift of girlfriends. We might not, be able to meet right now but you can find a way to be connected. And then finally, give yourself the gift of grace. We’re not going to get it right every time. But you are doing a good job. You don’t have to be Pinterest perfect — you are doing the best you can. So give yourself the gift of God, girlfriends and grace for a great Mother’s Day.”

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