Griffin Bufkin ran around bussing tables on June 25, the first day that his new hot dog and burger joint Frosty’s Griddle and Shake was open for business on St. Simons Island.

Bufkin, who also co-owns the popular Southern Soul Barbeque restaurant by the airport roundabout, said that he wanted to open earlier in June, but was delayed due to a hold up in getting the final permits. Yet hot dog, burger and shake lovers alike can rest easy knowing that Frosty’s will be open on the Fourth of July, arguably the best holiday to enjoy a big, juicy frank.

On the national level, Independence Day is closely identified with Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest, which is held each year. The event, televised on ESPN each year (coverage begins at 10:45 a.m. Thursday), pits men and women against one another to see who can down the most dogs.

While not everyone is looking to eat 50 hot dogs, many a local will be lathing up a bun or two over the holiday or popping in at Frosty’s to enjoy a retro-themed bite.

According to Bufkin, hot dog’s convenient portability gives them a unique appeal.

“It’s a perfect to-go, walking food,” Bufkin said. “You can walk and talk and carry on while you’re eating it.”

Hot dogs are one of those great foods that you can dress up with fixings any way you like, and there are plenty to choose from to add to your Sabrett 100 percent beef wiener from Frosty’s. However, Bufkin touts three specific rules for the perfect dog.

“Rule No. 1, no ketchup,” Bufkin said. Contrary to the stereotypical image of a hot dog with a line of ketchup down the middle, Bufkin asserts that there’s no place for it on a hotdog.

He said that rule No. 2 mandates adding mustard and both spiced and sweet onions to your dog to add some delicious tang.

And for rule No. 3, Bufkin recommends a Frosty’s signature option. “If you’re gonna go big, do a ‘frosty dog’, he said. A “frosty dog” comes topped with chili and coleslaw.

Frosty’s also has a large menu of milkshakes to go with your hotdog. A popular choice is the key lime “crunk” shake, which is made with key lime honey and graham crackers.

Frosty’s Griddle and Shake will be open until midnight on July Fourth, and will also be co-sponsoring the Sunshine Festival of Races 5k/1 mile fun run in the morning. Despite only having been open only one week, the staff are ready to tackle their first summer holiday.

“It’s going to be the big test,” Bufkin said. “We’re going to throw ourselves into the fireworks, so to speak.”

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