Mother’s Day is Sunday, and all mom’s love a good homemade gift from their kiddos.

For those looking to craft, the Tinted Tide has multiple options so that every mom can feel special on Sunday.

“Moms have always loved handmade things from their kids. Art from children is pure and comes from a place of love that is incredibly sweet,” owner of Tinted Tide Erica Gillman said. “My mom has pictures that I colored from when I was little stashed away in a safe place, as I do with my son’s artwork.”

The shop has a variety of pottery pieces that can be purchased and painted.

“We carry vases, coffee mugs, platters for handprints, and we recently rolled out a line of high-functionality stoneware vessels that can be painted and filled with scented candles from our candle station,” Gillman said. “The option to add a soy wax candle is a Mother’s Day special, and it can be removed when it burns to the end, so the mugs are functional afterward.”

While this year won’t be full of Mother’s Day brunches, husbands and children alike can still make sure they brighten their favorite woman’s day.

This year is extra important, especially for Gillman, as the last few months haven’t been the same.

“Celebrating moms is even more important this year as we wear the hats of caretaker, maid, teacher, chef, worker, entertainer, distance shopper, and much more,” Gillman said. “I’ve been living apart from my husband for almost two months since he is a first responder.”

She said that she’s juggling taking care of her 2-year-old son along with her store.

“I know I’m not the only one who is working extremely hard to take care of things while we are mid-pandemic,” Gillman said. “Moms around the world are wearing their capes and flying around like superheroes making ends meet. There has never been a better time to support moms by showing how much they do means to us than right now.”

As a mom herself, Gillman said she loves functional gifts, and what more useful than a piece of pottery that can show mom every day for years how much she’s appreciated.

“I got that from my mom, I think, who taught me that giving someone something special means that it fills a need for them whether that be physical, emotional or otherwise,” Gillman said.

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