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Kasey Miller, physician’s assistant, right, examines a patient in an exam room at Brunswick Urgent Care, 208 Scranton Connector, Brunswick. The new facility offers a variety of care options for families.

Kasey Miller knows all about life as a busy, working mother. The physician’s assistant at the newly opened Brunswick Urgent Care has become a pro at keeping the balance between her home and professional life. As a full-time mother and professional, she knows exactly what her healthcare needs are for her personal life to run well, let alone as a provider, what her patients’ needs are as well.

And that’s why she’s excited to offer help to other people just like her. Busy families, time deficient professionals, and the weekend worriers are just a few of the Brunswick Urgent Care’s favorite patients. The new Brunswick Urgent Care, located at 208 Scranton Connector (just down the street from the Golden Isles YMCA) opened its doors on May 20th, to serve the Golden Isles community.

“Almost everyone here has young kids. We definitely understand that it’s hard to be able to make appointments around work or school,” Miller said. Brunswick Urgent Care was created by a mom, for a mom, by a professional, for professionals, and designed to fill the needs of life’s craziness. The four needs that it fills are:

Space: Not only is the Brunswick Urgent Care staff far from the ordinary, but their facility is as well. From their comfortable and inviting waiting area with its own ‘kids zone’, to their patient online portal that allows patients the ability to access their health records, medications, offers patient education, and well as secure communication access with our medical staff. To the facilities on-site X-ray imaging, as well as an in-house lab.

All too often, emergency rooms are full of those who could have gone to a doctor if the office was open, or for common issues that aren’t necessarily “emergencies.” Brunswick Urgent care provides another place for people to go for quality care, rather than everyone running to the same place.

Type of Care: Another huge benefit is the type of care they can provide. Anything from a quick check up, to STD testing, and anything in between. Some of their favorite conditions to see are low back and neck pain, colds, fevers, flu, minor burns, cuts, rash, sore throat, sprains and allergies. With that many services available, there is no reason to rush straight to an ER and pay ER prices.

Great Doctors: Brunswick Urgent care also provides quality care. The providers of this office have worked in a variety of settings and bring experience from orthopedics, emergency room, primary care, and functional medicine.

To that end, Miller is teamed with Jenny Sharpe, nurse practitioner, as well as a compassionate staff overseen by two doctors.

“A lot of what we do is the ‘don’t feel good’ stuff,” she said with a laugh. “That is the colds and flu. But we also incorporate wellness care into this. We treat the person as a whole and look at ways to help you be your best self. We want to set you up to be the best you can be,” Miller added.

Speed: Lastly, you may actually get care faster by going to an urgent care clinic. With same day, walk in access, Brunswick Urgent cares average visit lasts under an hour, whereas ER wait times can be an hour or more, not including treatment.

To make getting medical care more accessible, Brunswick Urgent Care is open seven days a week! They are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Patients can simply walk in without needing to make an appointment.

Since opening its doors, the facility has quickly become a go-to for many who have limited time to seek medical care.

“Already, we have gotten so many posts and sincere ‘thank yous’ from people who have really appreciated having these hours that fit their schedule,” Sherry DiSimone, public relations, said.

“It’s just a good fit for many people’s lives.”

By offering fast, quality care at an affordable rate, Brunswick Urgent Care is not just raising the bar for urgent care, but also reshaping the delivery of modern healthcare. We look forward to becoming an integral part of the Golden Isles community and streamlining access to quality healthcare for area residents. Come on in and let our family care for yours.

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