Artist Susan Anderson hangs a piece to be featured in the Art Crawl Thursday. The event will showcase dozens of artists in several St. Simons Island galleries.

Talent is plentiful in the Golden Isles. And that is certainly on full display within the art community.

Throughout the area locally, owned galleries play host to jaw dropping pieces created by those who call the Coastal Georgia home. Exhibits contain a variety of styles and mediums, which truly allows a little something for everyone.

But one local gallery is bringing the community together to offer a unique way to see a plethora of pieces at one event — an art crawl. Hosted by Art Trends Gallery, it will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. Thursday and will feature a number of locations, including the Wallin Gallery, Anderson Gallery, Island Art Gallery and Glynn Visual Arts.

Participants can begin at any of those locations, moving through the crawl at their own pace. Ella Cart of Art Trends Gallery says the Art Crawl began as a way to offer a collective and unique way to see pieces. Wine and snacks are served and occasionally music is provided.

“In 2015, new gallery Art Trends Gallery, along with Wallin Gallery and Anderson Gallery decided to present a joint art opening experience similar to those offered in other communities,” she said.

Glynn Visual Arts and Island Art Gallery signed on as well, and the first Art Crawl was held four years ago. It continues each fall, spring and summer.

This particular event will showcase artists from the area, many of whom capture the beauty of Coastal Georgia in their works.

“Many of the artists are local residents and residents in nearby communities. There many works featuring our island flora and historical sites, abstract interpretive art, art to wear (jewelry and garments) and sculpture. All art is priced to sell,” she said.

“This is a fun time for residents, visitors and art lovers to view the island’s wide and varied art scene. There is a wide range in subject matter, mediums and style.”

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