Dr. Michael Erwin is an anesthesiologist has worked for more than a decade in hospitals around the Southeast. He recently joined with the Dental Center of St. Simons Island.

Dr. Michel Erwin knows a good thing when he sees it. And that’s what the anesthesiologist found when he walked through the doors of Dr. Rick Kimbrel’s dental practice.

Kimbrel, who owns the Dental Center of Vidalia, operates an exquisite facility in Toombs County. Recently, he brought that extraordinary level of care to St. Simons Island.

“This practice is really is unparalleled. Rick Kimbrel and Stewart Hamilton are truly committed to excellence in both their training and technology,” Erwin said. “They aren’t just providing the best care in Glynn County ... they’re are providing world-class care.”

That is why Erwin wanted to be a part of it. After working in a traditional hospital setting for more than a decade, he decided it was time for a change. When he met Kimbrel and his team, he knew that the newly opened Dental Center of St. Simons Island was the place for him.

“After providing anesthesia for more than 10 years in a hospital setting, I decided to make a major lifestyle change. I started a mobile primary urgent and immediate care practice, in addition to continuing to work as an anesthesiologist,” he said.

“There are a lot of opportunities to practice. But when I met Dr. Kimbrel and Larry Daughtery, I knew I wanted to be here. Their hearts are really in providing top quality care. They have a state of the art technology and such a commitment to excellence, which is why I wanted to be a part of that team. They are phenomenal guys and what they’re doing is really beyond anything Glynn County has ever seen.”

Among other treatments, the practice offers Implant Surgical Placement and Restoration, Damon System Orthodontics, Ivisalign Clear Braces and Digital Scan Impression Technology.

Thanks to Erwin, the office also provides hospital level anesthesia for their patients. For those who have anxiety surrounding dental visits or who must endure long procedures, this offers an incredible sense of comfort and peace of mind.

“We’re offering real, hospital-grade anesthesia with an anesthesiologist. This is much safer and will make you much more comfortable than traditional sedation you would receive in a dentist’s office,” he said.

“You sleep through the whole procedure. You’re not awake for bits and pieces.”

For many, the idea of having dental procedures or surgeries creates a lot of stress. But this is a solution that removes worry and pain from the equation.

“You don’t feel any needles in your mouth. You don’t have to deal with the pain. You just wake up feeling like you had a nice nap,” Erwin said.

“We want to one, offer service and the comfort of eliminating the anxiety and apprehension that goes with major dental surgery completely.”

Since joining the team, Erwin has been able to offer patients a top quality, safe procedure, which has been his goal since he first started his practice more than 10 years ago. He has also been able to find more time for himself and his family since making the move to the dental center.

When he is caring for patients, he can be found embracing all of the things the Golden Isles has to offer.

“We moved here in 2005, right when daughter was a few months old. We’ve just found this to be wonderful place to raise a family with great neighbors and great schools. We love the beach, paddle boarding, kayaking and collecting seashells. We just fell in love with the community,” Erwin said.

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