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Pam Dixon prides herself on being a guide through the complicated insurance process.

Pamela Dixon has always been inspired to make a difference. A local resident for more than 23 years, she naturally gravitated towards a career to help others.

As a seasoned licensed health insurance agent, Dixon sees the need for a personal relationship with her clients and helps them select the best insurance plan to meet their needs.

“My company treats their members with excellence, respect and integrity. This level of care is a priority to me,” Dixon said.

Dixon’s extensive knowledge simplifies the process of choosing the best coverage with optimized benefits.

“I help clients choose a plan based on their individual circumstances,” she said.

“Unprepared, a client may be faced with higher out-of-pocket expenses. A Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan can bridge the gap Medicare doesn’t cover. It helps my client rest assured they won’t face a catastrophic bill for a procedure.”

As an experienced agent, Dixon specializes in simplifying the process.

“Getting started is often the hardest step,” she said. “I assess their health and financial position, as well as benefits they would like to have. Step by step, I help clients understand and choose a plan that best meets their specific needs.”

Dixon shares valuable information on enrollment procedures and how to avoid penalties. There are a number of reasons eligible clients can enroll and change plans throughout the year, including a recent move to Georgia, being diagnosed with a chronic health condition, and losing employer coverage after retiring.

Also, many clients are not aware of Extra Help, a federal assistance program administered by the Social Security Administration. Her goal is to establish trust with clients and to continue to help them as their needs change.

“There are several benefits to having me as a local agent. I have in-depth knowledge about the specific plans available in our area. I am also aware of the updates and special changes to all plans,” Dixon said.

Dixon’s clients whole-heartly agree the assistance they receive from her in navigating through the Medicare planning process is priceless. “I was recommended to Pamela Dixon about four months before I turned 65. She took her time, helped me get set up for Medicare and a supplemental package through her. She showed me different things to apply for to help me with extra benefits. She was very knowledgeable in a lot of different areas,” said Glynn County resident, Michael M.

“From the very beginning, Pamela was knowledgeable, courteous, and answered all of my questions thoroughly,” said Peggy V. of Glynn County. “Anytime that I have a concern, she is prompt in answering my questions, and I enjoy peace of mind knowing that I am in the plan that is best for me.”

“Being a local agent brings me joy, and I am appreciative for my clients who have put their trust in me,” Dixon said. “A referral is the best compliment, and I am thankful for those who have referred their friends and family to me.”

Dixon is grateful for the opportunity to serve her community, giving back to the area that has given her so much.

“My husband Bruce and I have been blessed by living in this area. Our desire is to support our communities and help in any way we can. Together we can all make a difference. I look forward to helping you with your Medicare questions. Please contact me by phone at 912-269-4755 or email pam@pameladixon.com.”

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