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David Richardson, doctor of physical therapy and clinic director, of Advance Rehabilitation on St. Simons Island stands in the office in Retreat Plaza.

For patients who have entered the doors of Advance Rehabilitation, they know one thing — it’s not your run-of-the mill clinic. The services offered at the two locations, on St. Simons Island and in Brunswick, expand well beyond simple physical therapy. Rather, the offices provide treatment for the a variety of ailments and issues — post-surgical care all the way to women’s health.

It’s something that truly sets the facility apart, says David Richardson, doctor of physical therapy and clinic director.

“We are an outpatient physical therapy clinic with two locations here in Glynn County. We provide treatment for pain quite literally from head to toe, pre- and post-operative care, balance deficits and fall prevention, worker’s comp injuries, stroke recovery and vertigo,” he said.

The therapists offer a spectrum of expertise that allows top-tier, individualized care. Richardson says treatment plans are customized to create the best possible outcome for patients, whether it is recovering from an injury or taking their current skills to the next level.

“At a basic level, our services are designed to improve human performance, whether it be to stand up from a chair without assistance or play a round of golf without pain, it’s performance enhancement on a continuum,” Richardson said.

“The reason these services are necessary is that physical therapy is a conservative approach to pain management and improving functional movement.”

Advance Rehabilitation also focuses on preventing injuries. The team can offer modalities to help patients strengthen their bodies, reduce pain and vastly decrease the risk of future complications.

“There is currently a big movement towards wellness and preventative medicine and away from the overuse of narcotics and other pharmaceuticals. Physical therapy provides treatment options that are conservative and preventative in nature,” he said.

To that end, Advance Rehabilitation’s therapists offer more than a combined 120 years of clinical experience with diverse specialties. Each clinic is able to offer professional expertise spanning from golf performance, sports medicine, functional athletics, balance and fall prevention.

But while their collective resume is impressive, it is the relationships created between the therapists and their patients that makes all the difference.

“Even with the crazy amount of clinical experience our team has, that is not what makes Advance Rehab so special. What differentiates us is our customer service. Our culture revolves around being excellent at customer service,” Richardson said.

It begins with the outgoing front office staff, who offers patients a comforting smile when they step into the office.

“They are the best around and excellent at what they do. They call you by name and work hard to provide convenient scheduling, appropriate insurance information and set the tone for your experience with us,” he said.

“Our clinical staff will do much of the same. Our therapists work hard, and I mean hard to provide personalized care and treat you like family. Patients often leave feeling like family, that’s the idea. We are a pretty cool crew to be around.”

They focus entirely on each patient’s story, as well as their personal goals.

Therapists walk side-by-side with patients on the road to better health, which makes the journey much easier.

“I’ve learned that great physical therapy is only a fraction ‘physical.’ Our team provides so much more than physical therapy, we provide hope. It starts with listening to patients’ stories, hearing their goals and treating them with respect and uncommon courtesy,” he said.

In fact, in spite of his team’s impressive credentials and work ethic, it is this sincerity that makes Richardson most proud.

“It’s a pretty awesome thing when everyone buys-in to the mission and has a common goal. It’s genuine, it’s authentic and I love them for that,” he said.

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