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Dr. Jennifer Heller, seated left, leads a talented group at Heller Healthcare including Jenny Sharpe, seated right, Angela Haigh, standing left, and Kaye Sommer, standing right.

We’ve all heard that saying, “It takes a village.” Well, Dr. Jennifer Heller, owner of Heller Healthcare, has established her practice on that same approach, as her office embraces an integrative medical approach to treat and care for their patients.

You will hear her say, “I put in my office what I want and need for my family and myself; so if I need it, I know others do as well.” And, what it takes and what she wants is a village.

Her new healthcare system is focused around Regenerative Medicine, and it is located right here in the Golden Isles. Think of it as keeping what you have and turning time back. Just because we are a certain age, doesn’t mean we have to live and feel that age, stated Heller. Whether it be physical medicine focused of joint, muscle, and body pain or hormone and weight gain changes, her office is ready to help you regain your health. The village tackles the 3 stressors of life- physical stress (joint, muscle, and structure changes), chemical stress (weight loss, bioidentical hormone therapy, and nutrient deficiencies for wellness), and emotional stress (through yoga, breathing, and meditation classes/education). Having one set of ideas and opinions of a path to true health is good; but when you have five different disciplines that are working toward the same goal, that is great! The offices’ village works together to help you get to the same goal and tackle your pain or ailments that feel overwhelming, even if you feel like you are out of options. That is their specialty.

Heller has built her ‘village’ to include a very talented and experienced staff that are able to offer our local community a variety of approaches to treat a wide array of conditions. One of Heller’s new healthcare systems in place is designed to tackle arthritis, joint pain, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, shoulder, hip, and knee pain. The ‘team’ for this system includes Dr. Jennifer Heller for chiropractic care, nurse practitioner Jenny Sharpe for stem cell therapy, Kaye Sommer for occupational therapy, Angela Haigh for physical therapy, and four talented licensed massage therapists. Her village also includes medical support and guidance from three MD’s with specialties’, experience, and board certifications in internal medicine, emergency medicine, cardiology, clinical pharmacology, as well as healthcare and preventative medicine, with over sixty years of experience combined.

Heller and her incredible staff work together in unison to provide patients with a well-rounded and coordinated care plan, bringing healthcare full circle. By shifting the traditional focus of medicine to a more patient-centered approach, Heller’s team addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. Heller stated, “We are not our thyroid problem, or our shoulder pain, or our spinal stenosis, or even our fatigue. I don’t want labeled by my scoliosis, nor be treated for my scoliosis, but treated as a whole person and assessed as a whole. If inflammation/stress starts out chemically from our diet, autoimmune, or organ stress, then increases throughout our body to add physical inflammation/stress that turns into arthritis, then with chronic pain and lack of function we get emotional stress that presents as depression or anxiety, why would we not address all three life stressors? It just feels right to have a common goal all within one office where our providers can work together for the patient.”

Heller’s passion and commitment to go above and beyond for her patients is not only reflected by her staff, but also by the calm and relaxed office she has created. Her goal was to offer those who seek her help a comfortable environment, along with top quality care; and she has achieved just that. No need to worry about ‘white coat syndrome’ in her office, from her welcoming staff, their incredible hospitality, and even the waiting room designed and referred to as a family room — so you are sure to be at ease.

Heller Healthcare specializes in regenerative and functional medicine. They offer a wide range of care including physical therapy, occupational therapy, stem cell therapy, bio-identical hormone therapy, weight loss programs, chiropractic care, massage therapy, neuromuscular therapy, as well as concierge medicine. If you are in pain, have significant arthritis, or just feel generally lousy, give the office a call for your personal plan to gain your life back.

Finally, the wait is over, now there is no need to travel to Jacksonville or Savannah for this type of care. Heller Healthcare is located right here in Brunswick, near the YMCA.