Submitted by Christy Carter

Skylark recently held a celebration dinner for its inaugural Champions for Life Club at Frederica Township Bluff Boathouse on St. Simons Island. The evening consisted of awards, prizes and recognition. Thirty-one individuals raised a minimum of $1,500 in pledges, and 11 churches raised a minimum of $5,000 for the 2021 Walk for Life in Glynn, Camden and Wayne counties. Members from Glynn County are Sherry Auten, Allan Aylsworth, Darby Best, Brandy Burcham, Linda Greene, John Harris, Megan Jefferies, Kate Moore, Gail Owens, Rob Owens, Jan Pearce, Sherry Pickett, Denise Skipper, Stephanie Weeks, Denny Silva (Overall Top Walker), Melanie Smith, Victoria Stephens, Christy Carter, Terry Green, Laura Carlton, Patrick Eades, Linda Shannon, CenterPoint Church, Christian Renewal Brunswick, Christian Renewal St. Simons, Community Church, First Baptist Church of Brunswick, Frederica Baptist Church, Marshes of Glynn Baptist Church, Northside Baptist Church, and The Chapel. Members from Wayne County are Debe Austin, Dustin Cribbs, Caroline Reid, Mark Santana, Brenda Humphrey, Tim Hutcheson, Sonya Anderson (Top Wayne Walker), Calvary Baptist, and Unity Church of God of Jesup (Overall Top Church). Members from Camden County are John Floyd (Top Camden Walker), Lisa Plezia and Agape Fellowship. Members are pictured at the dinner.

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