The Bible Baptist Institute, a ministry of Bible Church, held its commencement exercises on June 3. This year we had a total of 13 graduates: 12 from the 3 year program and 1 from the Associate Program. We are so proud of each of these graduates who have given of their time to study and learn their Bible from cover to cover! If you are interested in this program, please contact the church office at 912-264-2762 for details. Visit the website at www.bbcbwk.com and click on the “Bible Baptist Institute” link. Graduates of the three year program include Molly Duckworth, Ana Ivanovic, Jesse Merrell, Muriel Merrell, Lisa Miller, Morgan Moody, Shanelle Richardson, Logan Simpson, Grace Strom, Wesley Thomas, Mallorie Trautz and Angela Young. The graduate of the associate program was Kay Wright.

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