Kennesaw State University recently named students to the President’s List in recognition of their academic excellence for the summer 2020 semester. To achieve this honor, each undergraduate student must have completed at least 9 semester hours with a term grade point average of 4.0.

Local students honored include Bryana Higginbotham of Brunswick; Randall Goss of Woodbine and Chanelle Johnson of St. Marys.

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Georgia Southern University recently recognized approximately 2,800 students for excellence in academics on the spring 2020 President’s List. To be eligible for the President’s List, a student must have at least a 4.0 grade point average and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the semester.

Local residents honored include the following:

From Brunswick: Sasha Acevedo Davila; Taylor Alexander; Jessica Asbell; Jalaisha Boggs; Mia Colucci; Eli Crenshaw; Enrique Gonzalez; Gabrielle Dawes; Rebecca Deloach; Keisha Hamilton; Zachary Hamilton; Kaylin Holcomb; Akari Ino; John Lilliston; Ashley Lowe; Savannah Lyons; Laney Mericle; Caroline Miller; Laney Mericle; Caroline Miller; Alicia Ostrowski; Emma Parmenter; Chinal Patel; Kelsey Shell; and Mackenzie Strickland.

From St. Simons Island: Lucy Brooks; Julianna Collett; Zoe Defoe; Elizabeth Hartley; Alexandra Houser; Tyler Nelson; Caleb Weese; Rachel Thomas; and Taylor Zito.

From Darien: Morgan Hay and Shanesha Dallas.

From Kingsland: Alexandria Byers; Michaela Cogswell; Derek Halder; Sujati Dalal; Leah Korel; Jasmine Purvis; Jacob Whitfield; and Parker Williams.

From St. Marys: Heather Glover; Kristopher Lewis; Meagan Morrison; Maegan Morrow; and Megan Tanner.

From Nahunta: Larry Allen; Ashley James; Caitlyn Morgan; Sierra Santiago; and Caroline Lowther.

From Woodbine: David Daniels and Ayanna Lowe.

From Townsend: Madison Buckley and Lori Mciver.

From Waverly: Adam Head.

From Hortense: Nicole Trammell and Zachery Williamson.

From Riceboro: Joy Brown.

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Georgia Southern University recently recognized approximately 4,200 students for excellence in academics on the spring 2020 Dean’s List. To be eligible for the Dean’s List, a student must have at least a 3.5 grade point average and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the semester.

From Brunswick: Allison Altman; Julius Bradley; Brandy Brantley; Cassie Cain; Emma Cheripka; Mason Christmas; Kody Clark; Alana Clark; Landon Clayton; Jonah Copeland; Cassidy Copeland; Emily Coursey; Marshall Cox; Avery Dahl; Rebecca Davis; Caitlin Dougherty; Valeria Ensenat Rivera; William Everett; Camryn Fetzer; Blake Fox; Enrique Gonzalez; Maxwell Hammann; Tyler Hodzen; Taina Jackson; Chynah Jenkins; Mashonda Jolley; Hannah Lynch; Jonathan Martin; Sydney McGettrick; Laney Mericle; Josie Mignogna; Shelby Miller; Madisyn Morris; Alyssa Norris; Maggy Petrie; Robert Sadowski; David Tarte; Courtney Tippins; Michael Waters; Heather Wilborn; Seth Wilkes; Briaunna Young; Christopher Zachry; and Joanna Zangla.

From St. Simons Island: Chelsea Burandt; Memphis Churchwell; Susannah Gibbs; Rachel Holland; Adam Last; Hayden Mckim; Addison Tornabene; Silas Wester; and Kaitlin Wiles.

From Darien: Cade Durrence and Mykeria Williams.

From St. Marys: Cody Bense; Diego Castro-Diaz; Ryan Donovan; Jaida Fuller; Richard Glover; Noah Keeth; Brittney Kindell; Sarah Leidy; Justin Leska; Jonathan MacArthur;

From Kingsland: Katie Blount; Sabrina Bui; Marisa Conaway; Aimee David; Thomas Dixon; Maxwell Dougherty; Sydney Grenyion; Angel Hudson; Kalise Jones; Carley Mayfield; Katie Nolan; Cody Norris; Joseph Smith; Christian Stephens; Cameron Stuart; Raven Ulieme; Aaron Wainright; and Faith Wheeler.

From Nahunta: Carter Gill; MaKalie Santiago; Colby Schultze; Austin Moore; and Steven Gibson.

From Hoboken: Cameron Driggers.

From Hortense: Payton Dills and Heidi Nash.

From Woodbine: David Daniels; Erin Donaldson; Rhett Dow; Madison Hale; and Solomon Sidwell.

From Townsend: Jaquavion Harris; Anthony Hewitt; and Mercedes Buckley.

From Waynesville: Makenzie Johns.

From White Oak: Taylor Coffel.

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Valdosta State University is proud to announce the members of its graduating class of Summer 2020.

Local students honored include:

From Brunswick: Marika LaRoy; John Bennett; Alan Ours; and Michelle Stevens.

From St. Simons Island: Hope Lamb; Emma McCloskey; and Maureen Redington.

From Kingsland: Veronica Bargmann; Olivia Ruark; Rodney Singleton; Megan Thornton; and Haley Vinson.

From St. Marys: Kaleigh DiMillo.

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