NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE OF RIGHT TO REDEEM [REF. O.C.G.A., Section 48-4-5 et seq.; 48-4-45 & 48-4-46] TO: JAMES BAXTER BLOUNT; ANNIE HOWINGTON BLOUNT or her unknown heirs-at-law or estate representatives; GLENN D. MCCUMBERS, Executor of the Estate of MATTIE PEARL MCCUMBERS; CITY OF BRUNSWICK; TENANT/OWNER/OCCUPANT OF 424 WOLFE STREET, AND ALL PERSONS KNOWN AND UNKNOWN HAVING OF RECORD IN GLYNN COUNTY ANY RIGHT, TITLE, INTEREST IN, OR LIEN UPON 424 WOLFE STREET RE:FORECLOSURE OF EQUITY OF REDEMPTION FOR TAX SALE DEED (REF. O.C.G.A. 48-4-45, 46) Take notice that: The right to redeem the following described property, to wit will expire and be forever foreclosed and barred as of five o'clock (5 p.m.) on and after July 6, 2018, or within 30 days after legal service of the Notice pursuant to OCGA 48-4-45 et seq., whichever date is later: ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND lying and being in the City of Brunswick, Glynn County, Georgia and being further described as that property that is described in a deed of record in Deed Book 67R, Page 59. Said property is also designated map and parcel # B006 07 112 011; and is located at 424 Wolfe Street, Brunswick, Georgia. The tax deed to which this notice relates is dated May 2, 2017, recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Glynn County, Georgia in Deed Book 3751, Page 198. The property may be redeemed on or before the time and date stated above by payment of the redemption price as fixed and provided by law to the undersigned at the following address: Rebecca Sue Ryan (Curtis) c/o John Coleman, Esq. Coleman Law, LLC 675 Seminole Avenue, Suite 302 Atlanta, Georgia 30307 404.974.4537 Please be governed accordingly.