The only danger to us is ourselves. We are the origin of all the coming evil — spiraling pandemic, looming constitutional crisis, civil unraveling, climate devastation. A great adventure lies before us and we are full of fears, but changes are coming to our attitudes as these things become more fully manifest. And as chaos looms there will be more government, not less, be it authoritarian “justice,” socialist “mercy” or Democratic-Republican compromise. But corrupt societies always collapse.

People may choose not to wear the masks out of fierce independence and love for the president, or to wear them for love of their neighbors. It doesn’t seem to be much to ask unless you consider sacrifice for others to be a Marxist lie.

The Democratic convention hoisted decency, integrity and honesty up the flagpole, but considering the continuing popularity of Donald Trump it is safe to say that such values are not featured where the sense of civic obligation is primarily to consume and be entertained.

Republicans told a story, a fascinating one, in which Democrats are agents of Satan and Trump is the prophet of light. And many believe it. The president watches to see where we are looking and puts something there to entertain us while he maneuvers elsewhere to do as he pleases. Obedient to nothing, he gains the whole world.

The very social and natural foundations necessary to sustain us are being stripped away by cold technical intelligence while we happily consume and are entertained. God is watching.

Tony Baker

St. Simons Island

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