Brunswick High School was put on lockdown Thursday afternoon during a Georgia State Patrol traffic stop that ended in an arrest.

Brunswick High went into a code red lockdown around 2:40 p.m. after a police pursuit took place in front of the school on Altama Avenue.

With the assistance of Glynn County Schools resource officers, Georgia State Patrol was able to arrest the suspect, according to the school system.

No students or staff were in any danger and the lockdown was lifted at 2:50 p.m., according to the statement from the school system.

By 3:15 p.m., the scene was mostly cleared aside from SRO officers, a few GSP troopers and members of the suspect’s family, who identified him as 33-year-old Shadrick Moody of Seattle, Wash.

Chief of School Police Rod Ellis said his officers were alerted by the Glynn County E911 Center just before 2:45 p.m. that a GSP trooper had conducted a stop on Altama Avenue and needed assistance.

SRO officer Lt. Zarak Hasbrouck was one of the responding officers. Troopers filled him in on some of the details, but Hasbrouck said he did not see the entire encounter.

He was told the suspect was pulled over for running a red traffic signal and initially refused to exit his vehicle.

Hasbrouck said troopers told him the suspect eventually got out of his car, a white SUV. At some point, he got back into the car against the trooper’s orders, according to Hasbrouck.

He and some other SROs showed up at the scene at this point. He said he witnessed a trooper threatening to break the man’s window.

Hasbrouck said the suspect then exited the vehicle and was forced to the ground and arrested.

Troopers found marijuana after searching the car, Ellis said, but he could not say how much.

Yoshiqua Jordan, who identified herself as Moody’s sister, said the substance was legal in Seattle, where Moody resides, and that he also had a medicinal marijuana card.

Family members say they were on FaceTime with Moody during the confrontation and that he at no point physically resisted. They did not have a recording of the FaceTime call.

Yoshiqua Jordan, a Brunswick resident, said Moody kept his hands in the air during the entire interaction. She said Moody called her on FaceTime because he was afraid he would be killed.

Moody’s uncle, Carl Jordan, said Moody was tased in the back by a GSP officer when he attempted to return to his car but was not incapacitated. Moody’s family claims he was tased while he was in his car and dragged out onto the pavement, which conflicts with the story from SROs at the scene.

Two GSP troopers at the scene declined to comment on the situation.

Yoshequa Jordan said Moody was born and raised in Brunswick. She believed he works at a warehouse in Seattle, but he also runs an apparel business with his twin brother. He flew to Brunswick to visit with his family and to see his grandmother, who was preparing to undergo surgery.

Moody had just left her house, she said, when he was stopped on his way to the airport.

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