Now named Tropical Storm Ian, the storm heading north through the Caribbean Sea could bring sustained tropical storm-force winds to the Golden Isles as early as Wednesday, along with heavy rains and localized flooding.

“It's still coming this way, currently we're on the wet side,” said Glynn County Emergency Management Director Andrew Leanza.

It's too early to know whether Glynn County will be subject to an evacuation order, he said.

According to Leanza, the National Weather Service said during the Saturday afternoon briefing that it is in the “outlook period,” meaning the track of the storm is still too unpredictable to determine whether or not it will strike Florida and South Georgia or head west into the Gulf of Mexico.

“So please don’t get attached to a certain model because it can shift from briefing to briefing,” Leanza said. “Ian is still expected to be a major hurricane as it makes way over Cuba.”

Currently, the storm is expected to bring sustained tropical storm-force winds to the Golden Isles as soon as Wednesday morning.

“We should prepare for down trees and all that brings with it if the track continues our way,” Leanza said. “It also looks like we will be on the east side/wet side of this storm, and we should prepare to see heavy rainfall and localized flooding.”

The further west the storm travels, the less impact the Golden Isles will see.

“So let’s hope we continue to see that trend,” Leanza said.

The NWS will provide another briefing on Sunday and hold a larger strategy session on Monday with select leadership personnel from Glynn County, Brunswick and Jekyll Island, he said.

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