Law enforcement authorities believe the Glynn County jail inmate who slipped his cuffs at the courthouse Thursday was on St. Simons Island Friday, according to a post on the Glynn County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

The sheriff’s office posted a “wanted” poster on the Facebook Thursday as well that said, “We need your help locating him.”

Sheriff Neal Jump urged residents who think they know the whereabouts of the inmate, Richard O’Quinn, to call his office at 912-554-7600 or 911.

The 38-year-old was last seen wearing jail-issue blue top and pants on Thursday, Jump said. He flipped off the jail-issue flip-flops and ran away barefoot after breaking free.

O’Quinn is 5 foot, 10 inches tall and “covered with tattoos,” Jump said. He has short black hair.

The extremely flexible inmate slipped out of his handcuffs outside the Glynn County Courthouse on H Street in Brunswick around noon Thursday, took off running north and remains on the lam, Jump said.

O’Quinn was being transported from the Glynn County Detention Center to a court appearance for a charge of theft by shoplifting when he escaped while cuffed to another prisoner in the parking lot on the Reynolds Street side of the courthouse, Jump said. The other prisoner did not escape.

O’Quinn has a long history of arrests on theft charges, but should not be considered dangerous, Jump said. O’Quinn’s last known address was 98 Jeff Road in Waynesville, according to the “wanted” poster.

A nearby elementary school went on a code-yellow lockdown Thursday because of its proximity to the escape and the ensuring search, but students were released as normal at the end of the day.

Sheriff’s deputies, Brunswick Police and Glynn County Police immediately established a perimeter at various intersections surrounding the courthouse on Thursday, but have since been unsuccessful in finding O’Quinn. Jump said the coordinated effort was a good sign though.

“That shows some very good cooperation among these law enforcement agencies,” Jump said. “We appreciate the help form the city and county.”

Jump said the shoplifting charge O’Quinn faced was a relatively minor offense, but he now he will be looking at felony charges for the escape.

“And anything else I can find to charge him with,” Jump said Thursday, meeting in a lot at Ellis and K streets with Glynn and Brunswick police officers. “He went from being in trouble to facing some serious, serious criminal charges. It’s just a matter of time before he slips up or family members worried about him call us.”

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