While a SPLOST project to renovate and expand Glynn Academy athletics practice fields is underway, the Red Terror football team is moving along with its spring practice as scheduled.

The end result of the project will pay off in the form of new space and surfaces for the football and soccer teams to practice on, but transporting ninth-grade, junior varsity and varsity football teams from the Glynn Academy field house to the Risley Annex practice fields has been logistically challenging for head coach Rocky Hildalgo and his coaching staff.

“We lose an extra hour a day, between loading the bus and shuttling (the team),” Hidalgo said. “It’s been a big disruption, but I think our kids and coaches have been making the best of it.”

Hidalgo’s frustrations are coming to an end, at least in the short term, in that Glynn Academy is wrapping up its final practices in the 10-day, springtime padded period allowed by GHSA rules. The spring practice period ends for Brunswick and Glynn Academy with Friday’s spring football game at Glynn County Stadium.

Turning lemons into lemonade, Hidalgo said he plans on using the Red Terrors’ surroundings as a learning experience for the team. The formerly segregated, all-black school provides a poignant history lesson for the team.

“There’s a lot of history at this school,” Hidalgo said. “We’ve been trying to get someone to come out here and talk to the kids about the history of the school. Our kids are you and a lot of them don’t know that. There’s another side to it, as hard as it’s been from a travel standpoint, our kids have had to fight through a little adversity.”

Distractions and transportation aside, the rhythm of practice appears normal once the team gets off the school buses. The pace of practice is light, according to rising senior Randon Jernigan. A vital cog in last season’s running game, Jernigan is stepping in to fill the shoes of Deejay Dallas at quarterback. Quantavious Bostic is stepping into Jernigan’s old role, theoretically as a sweep threat while Jernigan is the centerpiece of the read option.

Jernigan, who played quarterback growing up and was Glynn Academy’s go-to backup last season, said he’s trying to perfect his reads and also guide Bostic with his experience as a wing.

“It’s just getting my reads down at quarterback. What to pitch off of, what to read when I throw the ball,” Jernigan said. “I can let (Bostic) know about some tips and what really worked.”

Jernigan said the players try not to put too much pressure on the spring game. For guys whose jobs are relatively secure, it’s more of a glorified practice with different-colored jerseys on the other side.

Hidalgo said, however, competition between young ranks is important to him and his staff with regards to evaluating players.

“We haven’t done any game planning or work to win the game, but I want to see our kids be physical and try to compete,” Hidalgo said. “We lost a lot of good starters … so we have to see who is going to get out there and duke it out.”