The architectural rendering published in the Brunswick News before Irma hit showing the proposed plan of Christ Church Frederica to seek permission and assistance from the Glynn County Commission to straighten Frederica Road in order to facilitate parking and eliminate the need for parishioners to cross the street, on the surface, looks both attractive and benign. The one thing not mentioned in the article or shown on the architectural rendering being presented to the public by Christ Church is the Wesley Garden. As proposed, the new road would destroy the natural buffer enclosing the garden and cut through the northwest section of the garden, coming into Frederica Road adjacent to the entrance gate of the garden across from Fort Frederica.

The Wesley Garden is a two-acre azalea woods garden enclosed by natural woods and featuring stately live oaks, magnolia, and holly. Its central feature is an 18-foot, 15-ton Celtic cross dedicated to the memory of John and Charles Wesley. Certainly, no commissioner should vote on this issue before visiting the garden and seeing what is at stake. We simply must not allow this treasure to be encroached upon. Surely, Christ Church can come up with a plan that would not destroy the beauty and symmetry of the garden enjoyed by so many for the sake of its parishioners not having to cross the street at the designated crosswalk, complete with blinking light.

Mary Burdell

St. Simons Island