More than half our population isn’t fond of president Trump, but there were reasons he was elected. One of the main ones was to clean out the swamp. Those who don’t like Trump fight everything he proposes, but it is obvious there is a swamp in Washington that needs cleaned out.

This swamp is comprised of the political establishment, home and foreign lobbyist, and the extremely wealthy here and abroad. Some refer to these groups as the deep state. Even though our politicians campaign on promises of representing us, they end up representing this group.

Their influence means we end up paying more for our health care, smoke addictive cigarettes and take addictive prescription opioids that kill thousands each year. Coal companies permanently strip our mountains, and too-big-to-fail banks break the law and lose billions at our expense. In order to provide our lobbyists with cheap labor, we don’t protect our borders, and thus allow people who aren’t vetted to come into this country.

Due to international influence, we end up signing trade deals that aren’t in our best interest, selling our resources to international powers, and sending our good young people off to fight wars against countries that don’t present a clear and present danger to us. This has resulted in countless debilitating injuries; the needless loss of thousands of lives, and trillions of dollars in debt.

Our country will suffer if these practices continue. If you don’t support our president on anything else at least help him clean out the swamp.

Brian Blue

St. Simons Island