Power — who is the fool or fools that said that residents could come back to Brunswick if there is no power for the sewers and clean water? I can’t believe that someone can be that stupid to give such an order that everything is OK. There needs to be an investigation as to the person or persons who said it was OK.

As for the Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission, they have made several errors in management from buying land to build a new office building then to say, “No. We are going to do something else.”

They should remember that they work for the people of Brunswick and the county. We must demand better leadership from the JWSC and our mayor and commissioners in both the city and county to do the right thing. Be leaders not followers.

So get off your back ends and get to work and help this community. Or let the residents at election time remember who did this to us and get someone else into office who can do the job.

Art Guzman