A big shout out and thank you to the angels who came to our home Monday from Lord of Life Lutheran Church on St. Simons Island and cleaned up our hurricane-ravaged yard. Seven helpers appeared with rakes and tarps and cleared debris from front and back yards and the roof. They also cut dangling limbs and tree tangles so they could do so safely. They left the place looking like a landscaping crew had just been through, except for the huge stump and partial pine trunk left in the front yard after the Jekyll Island Authority removed most of the tree and limbs which were blocking the street and our neighbor’s yard. The workers built a four-foot high mound of yard trash stretching all the way across the front of our property, ready to be picked up by road crews.

My husband, just two weeks out of heart surgery, and I, with a bad hip, had no hope of getting this work done by ourselves. We have been incredibly blessed and are deeply thankful to these amazing volunteers.

Laurie Bentley

Jekyll Island