Being a septuagenarian, I have lived through and seen a lot pertaining to racism and civil rights. When young, I saw the discrimination blacks faced like back of the bus, separate water fountains, schools, et cetera. Once an uncle told me not to say sir when answering a black person. All this made me feel badly and carry white guilt, though innocent of any mistreatments myself.

I have also seen this country make giant efforts to make things right for the black race by spending large amounts of money, much going to blacks. I have witnessed forced busing to achieve racial balance and equality in the schools, much to the distress of both black and white parents. I have seen preference given blacks in college admittance, employment and job promotions. This preferential treatment was mostly tolerated by those who were reversely discriminated against. Most wanted blacks to excel.

To now see America’s efforts thrown back in our face with militant behavior, mostly by overpaid black athletes who owe every thing they have to this country and its largess, and in the process spit in the face of those who have made this country what it is with blood and sweat, is hard to understand or accept.

Sympathy for their plight ends here for me. If they want to know where the problem lies, look in the mirror. They alone are the answer to their complaints. Keeping off the first 20 minutes of nightly news is much more effective than clenched fists or kneeling.

Felton Hudson

St. Simons Island