I attended Representative Carter’s meeting on Wednesday and left with appreciation for him but concern about our nation’s future. Mr. Carter remained open and calm as he responded to some discourteous attendees. I am thankful that we have a representative who is unashamed about being a Christian and willing to take a stand on moral issues.

On the other hand, some questions and statements from the crowd indicated an immoral and socialist leaning. Some questions about health care and education gave the impression that these are entitlements that the government should provide at little or no cost to the users. This type thinking has a socialist leaning. America was founded on individual productivity and responsibility. President Kennedy restated this idea when he challenged us to think more about what we can do for our country and less about what our country can do for us. I commend the gentleman at the meeting who responded to the college student who complained about student loan debt. The gentleman suggested that the student get a job to fund his debt. Yes! Assume personal responsibility for personal choices.

My concern about the moral decline of our nation was evidenced by comments and questions geared toward approval and advancement of the homosexual agenda. Whereas we do have rights, we also have responsibilities. I applaud Mr. Carter for holding strong to Christian values and voicing his disagreement on this issue that God calls an abomination.

I encourage more citizens to attend these meetings to be heard.

Wank Davis