Thanks for nothing, Glynn County and your recycling contractor. You both failed us again.

After dumping recycling into the garbage the past two weeks, you lied, through your “local” telephone spokeswoman in Charlotte, about picking up our recycling Monday.

Apparently, because this Irma-affected neighborhood’s regular recycling week was to be the day of the hurricane, Sept.11, and then again last week, Sept. 25, it now has to wait yet another week, until Oct. 9, to have its recycling picked up — for the first time since Aug. 28.

It is well past time for the county commission to inform the public what kind of deal it has with its recycling and garbage partners and explain their shameful abdication.

And one would think that the local newspaper might have some curiosity about the subject, if it thinks that recycling is at all important and not just a joke.

Unfortunately, this situation is no joke, except for the behavior of the county and its contractor.

But it would be nice just to be able to do the right thing — and to have our elected officials, and their non-elected cronies, to get the right thing done.

David K. Secrest

St. Simons Island