I am outraged at, but not surprised by, the egregious decision to ignore recycling in the name of hurricane cleanup. The Republic Services/Southland Waste conglomerate apparently made the decision, even though it is merely a contractor with the county.

Either way, the county commission and the county manager should be held accountable for the absence of Glynn County recycling for 35 days, from the week of Aug. 28, the last week it was collected before Hurricane Irma, to the week of Oct. 2.

To watch a blue recycling truck dump both garbage and recycling bins into the bowels of the same vehicle was disheartening and disgusting. Unless someone in a position of political power intervenes, that scene will be repeated the rest of this week and next.

To call the local number for the recycling company and to wind up talking with someone at a desk in Charlotte was frustrating and annoying.

Recycling should be a matter of public policy, not a money-making machine for private enterprise. The latter arrangement often results in such horrific decisions as that in Atlanta to toss recycled glass blithely into landfills — without informing the public.

The Brunswick News needs to shed light on the Glynn County contract and hold this alleged public-private partnership accountable to the people.

In the meantime, it would just be nice to be able to do the right thing.

David Secrest

St. Simons Island