Many of the lower paid citizens in today’s society complain about how much they are being paid. Everyone would like to be paid more for what they do. By having a job that requires low skill levels should result in lower pay. Not only would people be getting aid for more than what they are working for, but it would also cause small businesses in the area to lose money.

I can see where adults who are being paid minimum wage may be struggling, but that is why the government has implemented welfare programs to aid those in need. Those who have lower wages are usually eligible for government aids. Many who make minimum wage do not have the motivation and self discipline to work hard enough for a higher wage.

By small businesses having to pay their employees a higher wage, it will cause those businesses to lose money.

The small shops and markets that make up a decent amount of Glynn County will have to make job cuts or raise the prices of their goods and services. By raising minimum wage, eventually no profits will be made.

I have a better part of my family that has great paying jobs, not because they did not put the effort in or complained about the wage, but because they pushed through and worked harder than the other employees.

Raising the minimum wage won’t be a solution, but it will bring about problems making a bad situation worse.

Nia Horton