Editor’s note: This letter is being published prior to The News’ policy allowing one letter every two-weeks per author to allow rebuttal to a response letter directed at this author. Only one rebuttal will be published.

I am responding to William Johnson’s weekend letter citing my name and contending that a letter I wrote regarding NFL players kneeling during the national anthem was completely wrong, except Mr. Johnson writes that athletes have a constitutional right to do so.

Contrary to being completely wrong, my Sept. 27 letter correctly states that President Trump’s comments at a pre-election rally in Alabama directly contradicted the oath of office he swore last January requiring him to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.

Mr. Johnson states that President Trump can voice his opinion all he wants, no matter how vile people may think it. I agree he can do so, but point out that all public comments he makes are in his role as president, and subject to his oath of office. His personal opinions contradicting this oath should be made in private settings where they remain private.

Mr. Johnson calls me out for writing it is illegal for the president to voice his opinion. I didn’t write this. What I wrote is that Mr. Trump’s advice to NFL owners to fire players who kneel during our national anthem is illegal bluster.

Dave Davis

St. Simons Island