Rarely have I seen your newspaper allow something to be publicized that immediately merits rebuttal, but that is the case with Mr. Klonoski’s criticism of Parker’s Stores in Saturday’s letters to the editor.

The situation he references is, as he knows, exceptional in that the water sold was being done so at a loss for Parker’s due to extraordinary circumstances regarding Irma. Without belaboring the details, and far more importantly, I know of no family owned company in this community that supports more and assists wherever and whenever possible than Parker’s and this family. In fact, my experience is Dana and Patrick are consistently the first to ask “how can I help” when matters of community needs are brought to their attention. Schools, churches, and many, many charitable organizations have benefitted from this family’s largesse for years. I know of no member of this community whose heart and pocketbook are more appropriately focused and we are most fortunate to have them as neighbors.

Robert Prater

St. Simons Island