Yes, every person living in America has a right to protest, and those protests can be by marching with a large group or standing on a stage and exercising your right by freedom of speech. I wonder how many of these football players have gone out and marched with those groups in the streets? How many have faced those others who don’t agree with their protest, how many have come face to face with another angry crowd of protesters? I bet it’s none, because their safety is at stake, so they protest in a large stadium with local police officers and security guards all around them to protect the players.

Fans go to watch a football game, if they want to see or hear protesters then they can go to one out on the streets. They don’t pay money to see a bunch of players taking a knee on the field.

As of right now, what good has it done? Nothing not one thing has happen, the only thing that has happen is these players are showing disrespect to the American flag and those who have died defending Americans of every color and race. If they want to protest go out and march among those protesters, but wear your helmets because rocks can fly both ways.

Art Guzman