It was good to see our president oppose, and thereby draw national attention to the current protest by the players of the NFL against America, it’s anthem, and it’s flag.

As usual the players do not specifically define the basis for their protest, and instead base their actions on the ignorant generality, social justice. Of course, if they clearly define the laws they want revised or eliminated, or define the changes to our Constitution they demand, the intelligent debate of their specific demands would follow and make their ignorance apparent to the world.

I suspect their complaint is simple: any Constitutional reference to equal opportunity should be changed to equal results. Wow, another example of juvenile ignorance. I suggest the players, their representatives, or the commissioner select a solution from the following options:

1. Cancel any and all pre-game, or halftime, tributes to America, it’s anthem, or it’s flag.

2. Keep all players in their locker rooms during any patriotic tribute. The players are free to protest on public property, but not in front of paying customers and the millions of the paying TV audience.

3. Publicly define, in detail, the basis of the player’s complaint. To the owners, the commissioners, and the players of the NFL, the NBA and Major League Baseball; make a decision; choose an option.

Oh, by the way, on the ignorant generality of social justice, all of these athletic events are staged solely to define the loser Ignorance is the fuel of Socialism.

D.J. Daleen

St. Simons Island