What does an irresponsible party do when the voters deny them victory? If you cite the Republicans in 2008 and 2012 they settled for the “loyal opposition” and fought their corner.

Apparently, if you are a Democrat, you grab a can of gasoline and rush to the streets. You gather every screwball anarchistic group you can find or invent and practice mob rule — it is unimaginable that your country can be ruled by the Constitution.

Like liberal rioters across Europe, America’s dependency voters and illegal immigrant allies will fight to the deaths for their free stuff. The realty of a working America where reward is based on effort is totally foreign to millions nurtured at the taxpayers’ trough. Their heroes are Ayers, Bergdahl, Brown, Anwar al-Awlak, Weingarten and Warren.

Disdainful of normal democratic processes after eight years of renegade behavior, out-of-office Democrats resort to street riots, violence and intimidation. Decades of deliberately failed public schooling, especially in inner cities, have produced educational zombies programmed to believe in victimhood as a future.

It is difficult to understand how the Democrats can get by every year while so short-changing their most loyal constituents with failed schools, violent streets, and jobless futures while advocating for millions of illegals, who take their jobs. The ability of the Democratic Party to play these minorities against each other while holding onto to their votes defies reason.

The vision of four years of street violence, cheered on by our liberal media, while destructive will have one happy conclusion, the demise of Lyndon Johnson’s Democratic Party. Whether a Trump or man X, national Democratic politicians will be buried under an avalanche of fed-up American voters.

By the time the Democrats realize their election peril, it will be too late to reverse their campaign of civil unrest and lawless disobedience. They pulled the sword and will perish on it in coming years.

Pete Richmond

St. Simons Island