I write in response to the letter to the editor from Derek Laidlaw, published in The News Jan 6, in which he states that he has read numerous letters from Monica Smith over the years. He states that these letters are filled with “misinformation, false accusations and character assassinations.”

I think it behooves Mr. Laidaw to give at the very least, some proof of the quoted “misinformation, false accusations and character assassinations” before accusing Mrs. Smith and assassinating her character in a manner that he himself, a self described loving Cristian, describes as “hateful.”

I too have read Mrs. Smith’s letters and know both her and her husband Julian to be warm people, most generous of their time, dedicated to tirelessly working on behalf of this county, the environment and keeping our elected officials to their word, or at least trying to.

It goes without saying that this kind of watchdog activity ruffles many a feather and is cause for much displeasure.

One can almost hear the disgruntled squealing from those few who do not appreciate being disturbed at the trough.

Penelope Allingham