As an attorney at Georgia Legal Services Program, I was grateful to read the educational information provided in your recent article, “Concerning trends in domestic violence”, published on Sept. 25. Sadly the statistic that it takes someone in an abusive relationship an average of seven times to leave the situation rung very true for me. I have represented countless clients who were victims of domestic violence. Their situations are often extremely complicated. To leave their abuser would mean leaving their home, the income off of which they live and feed their children. Victims, or survivors rather, of domestic violence need support to gain independence and safety for themselves and their children. Often, they need a lawyer.

Georgia Legal Services Program — which serves all of Georgia outside metro Atlanta and has 10 offices across the state including in Brunswick — helps victims get protective orders that can include a restraining order, child custody, child support, health insurance, possession of assets and more. We can also help victims enroll in Medicaid for them and their children, food stamps, victims compensation and other financial support. Contact 1-800-498-9469 for information.

Laura Shiver

Managing Attorney, Georgia Legal Services Program