The Kaepernick season is upon us and once again our national anthem is the casualty. I turned to the ESPN talking heads for advice and listened to diatribes against Trump and his 63 million American voters. Apparently, ESPN’s business model forecasts survival by hosting sports’ version of MSNBC. Hard to believe all NFL fans voted for Hillary?

As the Kaepernick disease spread through the NFL and multimillionaire wife/girlfriend beaters, drug abusers and nightclub thugs demonstrate their brand of allegiance to our national anthem, flag, police and military, the NFL and most club owners remain mute.

My own answer is to never waste time viewing ESPN talk shows unless all else fails to bring sleep. If I switch on an NFL game and the national anthem ceremony is omitted, I’ll rerun Jordan Spieth’s brilliant fourth round of the British Open.

I wish ESPN and the NFL well, but struggle to understand a business model based on a raised finger to 63 million patriotic conservative voters. Baseball, soccer, golf and a Sunday walk in the park will fill in nicely for missing NFL thugs and fellow protesters’ coup d’etat on our Sunday football fields.

The unprincipled NFL has cut its own throats, underestimated patriotic fan reaction, and is playing to a base that may not support their bottom line. Declining TV viewership and empty seats will bring 2016’s message home with vengeance in 2017.

At the end of the day, the demise of NFL football may rest with Kaepernick factor, not the concussion factor.

Pete Richmond

St. Simons Island