I am truly saddened by the number of Americans who are grossly ignorant about how they are suckered by politicians peddling lies. Few folks spend the time to investigate whether information is legitimate but rely on the drive-by media for information which must be fair and balanced.

Michelle (Obama) gave a speech in Boston attacking Trump for his language, never mentioning that she and Barrack had numerous rocker groups to the White House and made millions using worse language than Trump. People forget that the Obama’s attended racist preacher Jerimiah Wright’s church for 20 years until word leaked out and political correctness forced them to exit. Remember Michelle saying she was never proud of being an American. She can attack Trump, but we can’t attack her hypocrisy.

One of my heroes, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, was barely mentioned in the new black museum in D.C., but Anita Hill was given prominent billing. Judge Janice Rogers Brown, the first black woman who served on the U.S. Court of Appeals and the California Supreme Court, was not mentioned at all. If you read about the life of Justice Thomas growing up in Georgia and what he had to overcome, then a real super hero emerges and fascinates everyone with his courage, strength and perseverance.

The simple truth is that the left, represented by the Obama’s, is running this country and unless you bow down to them at the altar of open borders, globalism, gay marriage and abortion, than they will do everything to destroy you. As an independent, I am mystified how we got to this point, especially with the liberal left promoting the needs of illegals over those of the middle class, and further completely obliterating how Clinton took advantage of a 21-year-old intern inside our White House while they and the media do a hatchet job on Trump using women who suddenly surfaced just before the election, citing alleged groping’s in the early 1990’s. Obama claiming Hillary is the best candidate for president over and above any former president demonstrates the lack of cerebral engagement and questions his vision for the country’s future. In the 2008 election, our beloved president said she was unfit, and now Hillary has morphed into the greatest ever.

Folks please do your homework and don’t be influenced by D.C. kleptocrats who have become millionaires on our dime and say and do anything to win. Trump made his money working, not sitting on his butt pontificating and blowing lots of hot air about rules, regulations and laws that complicated our lives. The federal government and national debt has grown exponentially with our politicians while jobs and real opportunity for our college grads have disappeared. It is certainly no mystery that America needs change and opportunity for all that the current crop of politicians have failed to generate. This Congress has been a total failure on both sides of the aisle and should be exiled to some remote area where we never have to hear or see them again. This election is probably the most important in my lifetime, particularly when we consider future appointments to the Supreme Court, so please give your vote the attention it deserves. God bless this United States.

Kevin Finnerty