NFL players, coaches and owners have the right to protest by kneeling down during the national anthem. We, as former fans, also have the right to protest against them. My protest is simple. I will not watch NFL football until protesting stops. I formerly watched NFL football to be entertained. Now I would have to watch protests.

The protest is a paradigm change for the NFL. I remember when it was said that the Dallas Cowboys is “America’s Team.” I believe this distinction is now going to NASCAR.

Some players and coaches say that they are not protesting the national anthem, but choose that time frame because of a strong audience. Is the audience size any smaller after the national anthem or at the beginning of the second half? It appears to me that timing isn’t the issue, but rather that they want to disrespect the flag, national anthem, servicemen and women, police officers and country.

I believe there is another paradigm change required by the NFL. Residents of cities and states where NFL Football stadiums are built should not be asked to financially support NFL teams’ building programs. The rich football players, owners and shareholders should pay for their work places (stadiums) just like factories and offices are built with companies’ profits, retained earnings, shareholder investments and realistic salaries.

Remember all professional sports need fans to exist. However, fans don’t need professional sports to exist.

Follow the the money (sponsors).

Alfred Unglaub

St. Simons Island