On Page 3 of your Sept. 19 edition, you published an article titled “ EPA suspends coal ash enforcement.” I urge all of your readers to google the article.

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt suspended for two years enforcement of a rule limiting the amount of toxic substances, including heavy metals and carcinogens like chromium, lead and mercury in water drained from coal ash ponds at power plants and piped into public water bodies. The EPA also approved reconsidering public health regulations adopted in regard to communities near coal ash sites, effectively suspending those rules as well.

Plant McManus effects Brunswick. The Trump EPA is playing right into the hands of the wealthiest polluters in the country. I refer to Duke Energy’s polluting of five rivers in North Carolina and other states. These carcinogens are found in fish that we eat, are fed to our tourists and our groundwater. Our new environmental protection administrator appointed by Trump isn’t protecting us. He is protecting big money polluters.

My wife brought this up to a local radio host and he called her a “liar” and hung up on her. Well, the proof is in your articles.

Steve Kroop